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Rosemary Port
Skank-Gate grows into a $15 million firestorm

Last week, DailyTech reported that Liskula Cohen sued Google to release the name of a blogger who called her a skank on the "Skanks in NYC" blog site. Cohen won the case, which forced Google to hand over pertinent information revealing the identity of the blogger, Rosemary Port.

Surprisingly enough, Port and Cohen knew each other -- Cohen had a change of heart about suing for defamation and stated, "I just dialed her up. I said no more lawyers, it's OK. I forgive you."

While Cohen may have put the matter behind her and is seemingly now trying to move on with her life, Rosemary Port isn't as content. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Port now plans to sue Google for $15 million for releasing her identity.

"When I was being defended by attorneys for Google, I thought my right to privacy was being protected," Port revealed today. "But that right fell through the cracks. Without any warning, I was put on a silver platter for the press to attack me."

Port's attorney, Salvatore Strazzullo, stated, "Our Founding Fathers wrote 'The Federalist Papers' under pseudonyms. Inherent in the First Amendment is the right to speak anonymously."

Many speculated that the initial ruling would spark a firestorm of controversy in relation to privacy rights and users' ability to make comments anonymously online without fear of having their cover blown. Strazzullo feels that he and his client won't back down from fighting for privacy rights and added "I'm ready to take this all the way to the Supreme Court."

"We are going to continue to work with them to make sure they understand the reality of the Internet.  A lot of these people don't have Ph.Ds, and they don't have a degree in computer science." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis
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