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Microsoft's console customers have been along a rough ride

Many Xbox 360 fans stay steadfastly faithful to their next generation console of choice.  However, even the majority of the most die-hard fans would admit that Microsoft's quality track record left something to be desired.  The console launched with a 90 nm CPU that tended to run hot and fail -- resulting in an iconic three red LEDs ringing the power light activating, in what is known as the "Red Ring of Death" (RROD).

Microsoft set aside over $1B USD to deal with the defects and has raced to deploy its Falcon 65 nm update in 2007 in hopes of remedying the issues. 

So just how badly hit was Microsoft?  According to a recent survey by Game Informer of 5,000 readers, since the late 2005 launch of the Xbox 360, over 54.2 percent of purchasers experienced a failure.  After sending their console in for repair, a whopping 41.2 percent became acquainted with failure once again.  With 30 million consoles shipped, these numbers would indicate 16.3 million failures and 6.7 second failures.

In comparison, only 10.6 percent of Sony PS3's and 6.8 percent of Nintendo Wii's experienced failure.  And for those who sent their consoles in for repair only 14.7 percent of PS3 owners and 11 percent of Nintendo Wii owners reported failure. 

Some insist the numbers are too low.  Griffin McElroy of Joystiq, a gaming blog that has extensively chronicled the console's issues, comments, "We're not sure what future techno-utopia this poll was conducted in, but a 54.2 percent Xbox 360 failure rate sounds awfully low. Had the survey's participants been comprised entirely of Joystiq staffers, it would have been a bone-chilling 100 percent."

The survey also showed that while Sony and Nintendo completed repairs in a week or two, Microsoft took a month or more.  One bright spot was that 37.7 percent of respondents said that Microsoft's support was "very helpful".  Another promising sign for Microsoft is that only 3.8 percent vowed not to buy future Xbox's due to the failures.  Conversely, 36.4 percent bought more than one Xbox 360 to replace a failing unit.

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Here's a statistic for you...
By joemoedee on 8/20/2009 4:20:12 PM , Rating: 3
100% of these console failure rate numbers are arbitrarily determined and cannot be deemed factual. How many cards were filled out correctly? There's no telling.

There's only one source that can report on the actual failure rate percentage for the 360 / PS3 / Wii, and that's the manufacturers themselves.

Even then, the numbers would not be 100% accurate as they could not report on out of warranty claims.

Clearly the 360 has had reliability issues, as evidence by MS's extended warranty. This we know for certain. How many, what percent first failures, second failures, etc?

We will not know, and how much can we actually continue to talk about this topic?

It seems we spend more time arguing over what's better / worse / etc then actually playing games. There's 4 great current systems on the market currently. (360, PS3, Wii, PS2)

At no time have he had it this good, and at no time previous has such a diverse range of gamers been catered to. So lets just enjoy what we got, and hope for news of great games in the pipeline for your chosen platform, rather than pissing in the wind with random statistics of inferiority or superiority.

By dark matter on 8/21/2009 7:47:34 AM , Rating: 2
Really? We should all stop posting about things that don't interest you any more. How about leading by example then.

RE: Here's a statistic for you...
By Chaser on 8/22/2009 11:10:51 AM , Rating: 1
This notion that the article is flawed because "only the manufacturer has accurate failure numbers" is more rose covered glasses worn by fanboys in denial.

This RROD debacle, quite frankly, has not only gotten old it's pretty pathetic. Even today no one really has any idea if this almost deceitful campaign. conducted by Microsoft is over.

Even today 360's sit on the retail shelves and no one knows if they are getting a unit that is prone or not prone to fail. But Microsoft still runs their flowery advertising for the 360 as if all is well and they believe this ridiculous "stick it in a box for 2-3 weeks and wait" is fair to people that expected something they spent their money on was reliable. Well friends I have news for you. It's not. I know several people that are on their second freaking return and a couple that are on their third.

And this idea that a console is not a necessity lessens this joke? I have news for you, your money IS a necessity. People expect a somewhat reliable product from a company that has the resources to make this issue a non-issue if they really wanted to. But they are only concerned about their profits and preventing a mass exodus from the 360 with this Russian roulette, sweep it under the carpet, return policy.

All the time while these nice shiny 360 boxes sit on the shelves at Best Buy and Walmart and Microsoft continues to portray their product as normal with their rosy 360 advertising. As it stands even today the average consumer STILL can't be 100% certain if he's going to get a lemon that will spend more time in a box on a FEDEX truck or not.

The other reality here is that a lot of people actually bought a couple if not few games for their 360. In other words they have a small investment now that they don't want to throw on Ebay and sell for .20 cents on the dollar.

So keep waiting for Microsoft to release "accurate" failure rate numbers. Pull your head out of your ass. Too many reliable sources have said they fail far too often. That alone is enough and enough is enough.

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