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Steve Jobs gifts a new OS to the loyal developers

Among the Apple loyalists one of the most eagerly awaited fall events is the release of OS X Snow Leopard.  Bringing updated 64-bit versions of many popular Mac programs, and other updates, the operating system also comes at a wallet-friendly price point of $29 for one license.

Apple's Golden Master build (Apple's fancy way of saying RTM build) is typically delivered to company employees and a handful of developers.  With the delivery of the Snow Leopard Golden Master, Apple has reportedly ditched the exclusivity and given all registered Mac OS X developers a chance to get in on the action.

The build is numbered 10A432 and it will be copied and released to customers on optical media in about a month.  Also included is Snow Leopard Server, build 10A433, and potentially the final release of QuickTime 7, version 7.6.4.  The client image is 6.1GB, while the server image weighs in at 5.5GB.

The OS's installation process recently went public this Wednesday, with few surprises.  With no official release date exists for the OS, other than a tentative "September" target, it is unknown when Mac enthusiasts can get their fingers on it.  However, given that the Golden Master build has aired, it appears headed for an early September release.

As evidence of the OS's popularity, a pre-order on Amazon was the site's top selling software product a week ago.

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RE: Correction
By Screwballl on 8/14/2009 4:32:50 PM , Rating: -1
by Murst
quote: 1. You do not have to buy $1000+ worth of hardware from Microsoft to run Win 7/Vista.
You don't have to buy $1000+ worth of hardware to run OSX either...

1) look at the words: in order to run OSX in any form, you need to buy a computer. This computer is required to use Apple hardware. The cheapest Mac hardware (Mac mini) starts out around $500 new elsewhere, or around $1000 from Apple themselves. Using the low end hardware from Apple means you have a very slow and almost useless computer.
The point is that you do not buy a computer from Microsoft, you can buy it OEM, or at a computer shop, or build your own to your own specs, but Microsoft does not control what hardware it can be run on (except outdated legacy hardware which they just drop support for, but they do not make it illegal). According to Apple, it is illegal for you to buy your own parts, assemble them, and install OSX on that computer.

Yet if you build/buy a computer the exact same specs using Windows XP or 7, it runs fast and very well. So for Windows you only need to spend $500 to match the same specs as a $1000 Mac.


quote: 2. The EULA for Win7/Vista has no stipulation about where it is and isn't legal to install it.
OEM versions of windows actually do have this restriction. Considering that OSX is OEM also, it would be a pretty fair comparison.

Wrong, OEM versions do NOT have that restriction. Go buy an OEM version from Newegg or any online retailer. The only restriction is if you buy an OEM computer, and that license is required to stay on that original computer. This is the manufacturers requirement, not a Microsoft requirement. A large percentage of licenses sold for any version of Windows has been Retail.
Say your Mac crashes, does Apple allow for you to use build your own computer using your same license key from the dead computer to transfer it to a newer Mac? NO, Apple is the OEM so therefore controls what hardware it is allowed on, so therefore you buy a new computer with a new license and your old one is wasted, dead and gone. With Windows, if your computer dies (as long as it is not an OEM brand), you can use your same disc and same key and install it on another newer computer, without the requirement to pay some large cost to Microsoft for the OS.


quote: OS X is completely useless as a standalone product. Without dedicated hardware purchased from Apple, it cannot (legally) run.
Windows is also useless as a standalone product. Without hardware, it can't do much either.
I prefer Windows to OSX... I just don't see why you would use these faulty comparisons when there's so many more valid reasons why Windows > OSX

Again, READ the words: " without dedicated hardware purchased from Apple ". Yes any disc of any type is useless without a computer or hardware to install it on. The point is that OSX is useless because of their hardware restrictions, not because it comes on a disc. With a Mac, you can't build your own computer, you can't choose to upgrade your computer without first consulting Apple to see if it is approved hardware, you cannot install OSX legally unless you have a computer assembled and (initially) sold by Apple.

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain

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