Windows 7 RTM, what does it look like fresh out of the box?

For those of you on Technet or MSDN, the download for Windows 7 RTM Editions were available at approximately 1300 EST on Thursday, August 6. Download speeds crawled from the 700KB/sec range down to the 250KB/sec range for most of the afternoon. The speed should get better as early downloaders drop off. The download of the 64-bit edition weighs in at a hefty 3075.3 MB with the 32-bit edition following closely at 2385.99 MB. All DVD's of Windows 7 are exactly the same with the exception of the Enterprise Edition, just as with Windows Vista.

The installation of Windows 7 RTM is just as before, but seems to be much quicker at expanding the files than the RC was. It might just be perception but it took less time to install on a 1TB drive than last time. There are just the standard network, and date/time prompts from before to contend with before we are greeted with our shiny new desktop. For the RTM release Microsoft has added the windows logo to the previous wallpaper we had during the RC. The one with the blue background and a few ribbons with leaves on them.

Performance seems to be on par with the RC, and in general right in line with what we have come to expect from Windows 7. Unfortunately my hope that the new Windows Anti-Virus being included in the RTM seems to be for nothing. There is no antivirus included with the RTM release, and we are left with the button to search the web for providers with confirmed Windows 7 compatible releases. Microsoft handily has compiled a list of most of the major providers and a few less well known providers of AV solutions on a single page. Clicking on any of them will take you to the corresponding vendor product. By the time Windows 7 hits store shelves we should hopefully see the AV solution from Microsoft if they stay on schedule.

As with Vista, Windows 7 RTM comes with a massive quantity of drivers, and the ability to pull more from the Windows Update servers. The selection pulled down from Windows Update also seems to be considerably larger than we had with the Beta and RC builds of Windows 7.

Windows 7 RTM also brings changes to the RDP 7 service. While some pieces still utilize client-side processing for visual rendering, many others are now host-side once more and could potentially put a strain on systems already pushing the upper limits of their maximum capacity. On the positive side this should help thin client based solutions by not requiring any new graphics capability to take advantage of some of the newer features found in Windows 7 or Server 2008.

The only other changes are within the optional XP Mode RC that came out on the same day, Jason Mick has already covered the details here.

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