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Joe Biden is in Michigan today, reportedly to announce the first round of $2B in battery grants.  (Source: The Weekly Standard)
Grants bring good news to state's troubled economy

Michigan is among the states that has been hit hardest by the recession.  The government went to extreme measures to keep the state's economy from collapsing, including assuming majority ownership of GM and propping up Chrysler through bankruptcy.  Now the federal government is preparing to reach deeper into its pockets to help the state out even more.

Vice President Joe Biden is in Michigan today at the NextEnergy Center in Detroit.  He is reportedly going to announce the first round of $2B USD in Department of Energy battery grants.  The grants should boost the state's economy and help develop better electric vehicles, currently favored as the future of the car industry by the domestic automakers.

The federal government is also separately loaning money to battery manufacturers under the $25 billion Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Incentive Program (ATVM).  Among the battery manufacturers that applied for that loan are A123 Systems, EnerDel, and Compact Power.  Thus far Ford, Nissan, and Tesla Motors received ATVM loans.  It is unknown who the grants will go to, but A123 Systems, EnerDel, and Compact Power seem like leading candidates.

Ed DeSeve, the president's special advisor on the stimulus program, had stated about on July 21, "I think you'll see over the next week or so ... some industrialization focus, for example, on the battery grants that are coming.  It makes sense to put those in places where there is productive working capacity -- people who can do the jobs. There are plants where the jobs can exist, and I think you are going to start to see more and more of that over time."

The ATVM loans must be repaid eventually by automakers and battery makers.  However, the DoE grants do not have to be repaid.  Michigan has also offered battery makers some big tax cuts in hopes of luring business into the state.

A limited amount of tickets to Mr. Biden's appearance have been offered to the public on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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RE: Michigan
By MrPoletski on 8/6/2009 6:32:37 AM , Rating: 1
So why does this birth certificate matter at all?

Oh, what, because the constitution says he must be a US born citizen and we wouldn't want to break the constitution because that's really important?

good to know, where were you during the Bush years? where were all these birthers during the bush years?

Because being as you take your constitution so seriously, you'd have wanted Bush/Cheney impeached for his countless violations of your constitution, like lying to congress about Iraq, setting up secret departments without informing congress, illegally wiretapping, the list goes on.

I'm sure you'd want the fed abolished too, as there is preceisely zero remit in the US constitution to allow for its existance.. and remember, the US constitution defines what your government is ALLOWED to do, it does not define what it is NOT allowed to do (like the criminal justice system does).

The only, I repeat, ONLY reason this whole birth certificate rubbish exists is because they have a candidate in office they don't like and will do anything to try and get him out, no matter how silly.

The birthers argument has been thoroughly debunked. They even found local newspaper announcements of Obamas birth out there for christs sake.. but not, not convinced they try FORGING A KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Are they in search of the truth? or are they just upset a black man got elected to office, or that a democrat got into office, you decide.

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