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Tamara Hope as the creepy Palm Pre lady
"We weren't trying to creep people out, but one thing I have learned now in this digital age is people can be as rude as they want as long as they don't have to look you in the face."

By now, you've all probably seen at least one or two of Palm's new commercials for the Palm Pre (or one of the popular parodies). Instead of getting to the point of talking about the Pre's features in brief little snippets, the ghostly female protagonist often goes on about jugglers and reincarnation in a creepy, monotonous voice.

Whereas Apple's iPhone 3G S ads often talk about features like speech recognition, copy/paste, and faster computing speeds to generate buzz, the man behind Palm's new advertising push, Modernista's Gary Koepke, thinks that the “creep” factor in the commercials is enough to keep people buzzing about the Palm Pre according to Advertising Age.

"The Pre is probably being talked about more than other phones right now because of the marketing and advertising, and that's a good thing,” said Koepke. “Could the ads work harder to show exactly how the phone works? Yes, but we knew it would be polarizing people to have a woman not shout at them and tell an interesting story."

"There's nobody involved in an iPhone ad, and 'Your life is on BlackBerry' -- isn't that great? Instead of having a life? We wanted a middle ground between those two places -- what about the people who want a really great smartphone," Koepke continued.

The Palm Pre is seen by many as the first real challenger to Apple's dominate iPhone in the consumer smartphone market. Analysts estimate that Palm sold roughly 300,000 Pre's in June, but it still wasn't enough to keep mobile phone service provider Sprint from losing 250,000 customers in Q2.

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By drycrust on 8/4/2009 1:15:58 PM , Rating: 2
I watch hardly any TV, so when I read the introduction to the article I thought it was that stupid cackling advert that pops up from time to time on websites, which is a real pain because I might actually be interested in reading what is on the website, so I just close that tab and desperately hope that my "hit" is noted as lasting less than a minute.
Then I read more and thought why is this guy trying to justify the way he did this advert? So I read the comments and found that most people seem to consider it boring.
Now "boring" isn't necessarily a failure in advertising, but for a "first impression" it's pretty close to it.
One of my favourite advertisements is a local (in New Zealand) appliance chain that has 3 stores ... yes, an appliance chain with just 3 stores. Their gross sales probably is less than Palm's advertising budget. Every week they have a new advert, and some weeks they will have several new adverts. Just like the Microsoft adverts, it is just two people talking, but on the radio, so the expenditure isn't high. However, I believe they probably are the most widely listened to with interest adverts on the radio in Auckland. Why? Because they are nearly always interesting. I don't know John and Adrian, but I know their voices, I love the way John is slightly more "geekie", and Adrian is more "normal". Last week he got a "phone a friend" phone call from the TV quiz show "Who wants to be a millionaire", but no, it wasn't for him, it was for the new "smart" washing machine!
so Palm, if you read this: Find radio stations that advertise Magness Benrow and listen to their adverts (and no, their website isn't fantastic either), "interesting" is better than "boring".

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