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Engineers on the project say wing design flaw will prevent test flight in 2009

Boeing's 787 “Dreamliner” has been more of a nightmare for many at Boeing as the project has cost significantly more than expected and is still two-years late (and counting).

Another problem in the 787's design has been found, this time in the wings. During tests to certify the aircraft, damage to the wings and wing box of the 787 was found. The damage was delamination of the composite sheets covering the wings under stress.

The Seattle Times reports that the structural flaw in the Dreamliner was discovered in May during ground tests that bent the wings upwards to simulate stress during flight. The stress at the end of rods used to stiffen the upper wing skin panels caused the composite plastic material used in the wings to delaminate.

The damage to the wing occurred just beyond the Dreamliner's load limit, described as the maximum weight the wing is expected to bear in service. The Seattle Times mistakenly reported last week that the damage occurred just over the wing's ultimate load, which is 50% higher than the in-service limit load the wing is expected to endure. The limit load is the FAA test target and proves that the problem with the design of the wing is worse than originally believed.

The plane could have flown after the wing damage, but the test flights would reportedly have been severely restricted. The damage the wing sustained is reportedly not severe enough to have caused any sort of catastrophic failure had it happened in flight.

The design flaw and time needed to devise and implement repairs on the fleet means that the test flight will not likely happen this year according to one engineer on the project. The test flight was delayed in late 2008 to Q2 2009.

The damage to the wings extends inside the fuselage of the aircraft as well making repairs more difficult. The failure in the wing and the wing box is not the fault of Fuji Heavy Industries, who manufactures the components for Boeing. That means Boeing is solely responsible for any cost overruns and time delays because of the issue.

The fix has yet to be certified but could involve engineers creating a U-shape cutout in the end of the upper wing skin stringer and then refastening the reshaped stringer ends with new titanium fittings.

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RE: Confused...?
By rippleyaliens on 7/31/2009 6:21:56 PM , Rating: -1
1st and formost.. i am a heavy geek.. Not weight, but what i do.. BUT i don't spew my mouth with leet talk, or SCAN an article looking for typos, or spelling errors.. Now that my friends is a MEGA Geek..
With that Said, some idget posted about my Airbus Remark. Well hello idget, as it sits, there are only 2 major (free country that is) manufactures of Air planes of commercial grade. With that said, my post CLEARLY posted simple facts, 1. the planes themselves, have to last >30 years, probably longer. ROI TCO stuff
2. Like your nerdy self said, Improper Maintenance and poor human judgement causes crashes. WELLL NUMBNUTS, hence the OVER Design, for little murphy that is on every plan, train and auto mobile.. MEANING Unexplainable things happen. IE your version of story, my version and the REAL VERSION if that is basic for you to understand.

There is a reason that the shuttles are still flying. 1. they were geared for a 10 year life span, yet BOOM< hello mc fly 30 years later they still have to fly.
Helo's EVEN WORSE.. the USMC UH-1 has been flying since the mid 60's.. WAY BEYOND its lifespand, but guess what,, i suppose careful planning building of those things, anticipated such things happening.

So now with Boeing.. I SEE TAHT BRGMX5 is just such a rocket scientist, that he has a jet in his back yard, and runs out some facts, of FYI, YET NUMBUTS hasnt flown a jet, only flys commercial IN A JET, and owns nothing in JET STOCK..
WHO GIVES A BLIP about where the subcontractors come from, who it is, where they live.. THE ARTICLE is on Boeing delaying the dreamline. Wing Problems.. WELL I am glad, that they found it, like NOW!!!!!!!!! Versus some time later.. Airbus, whatever, 2 have crashed in 2months, no reason/no explanation.. I Guess that the pilots of those planes were at 100% fault, given that airbus is such a mega company, etc...

READ THE LINES NUMBNUTS.. MY post was in regards to atleast they are gonna fix it, versus rush a test to get approval for some timeline deadline with contract.

AND it is not like ANY ONE ON THIS POST TREE,, can even afford to fill the gas tank of one of these jets, letalone afford to buy one to commute to his Dilbert cubical. (Mine is nice BTW).. Stay on tartget.. Take your ADT pills, and for goodness sake, UNPLUG sometimes.... You may be a legend------- in your own mind, but other than that.. /phew

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007
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