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Chinese officials take Godfather game to the mattresses

The Chinese government has announced that it has banned online games that glamorize gangs. According to the government, any websites featuring or publicizing online games, which glamorize mafia gangs, will be "severely punished." Exactly what the severe punishment will be is unknown.

Reuters reports that the Culture Ministry said games that, "advocate obscenity, gambling, or violence," and "undermine morality and Chinese traditional culture." The official Xinhua news agency continued saying, "These games encourage people to deceive, loot and kill, and glorify gangsters' lives. It has a bad influence on youngsters."

The Chinese agency specifically pointed out the Godfather title from EA as one of the offending games. The Cultural Ministry has ordered law enforcement bodies to step up oversight on sites that continue to run this sort of game.

Chinese officials have a lot of ground to cover to enforce these rules. China's online game industry is expected to grow from 30 to 50% this year with sales revenues of as high as 27 billion yuan. China reportedly has about 200 million online game players, the largest number in the world.

China previously announced that Green Dam filtering software would be required on all computers sold in the country, but it backed down from that under criticism.

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RE: Exactly how will they BAN these games???
By rennya on 7/28/2009 3:07:16 PM , Rating: 1
You were modded troll because those Chongs, Pings and Lees did not necessarily obtain those game illegally. Unless of course you have proof that the piracy rate in China is 100%. Plus, most of the online gamers in China plays free MMORPGs or the ones that needed subscription (this one is rarer though).

RE: Exactly how will they BAN these games???
By Oxygenthief on 7/28/2009 4:23:26 PM , Rating: 1
Unless of course you have proof that the piracy rate in China is 100%.

Yeah, hold on let me reach into my @ss and pull out the proof you need. Because without the 100% my point is moot, right?

Wow! If I understand you correctly my question of how China will perform the action of banning the game with the implied sentiment that the MAJORITY of China currently pirates such games is not of consequece because 100% of the population doesnt pirate? WTF?

By the looks of things, you yourself were modded down. More than likely because you make absolutely no sense what-so-ever. Thanks for playing Vote-Troll, it was fun.

RE: Exactly how will they BAN these games???
By rennya on 7/28/2009 8:15:43 PM , Rating: 2
Eh, I don't see red unlike your first post. I don't think you know how mainland China online gamers plays, or else you won't say the things you claim in the first post of yours (still red from here).

Now, you still haven't answered the question on how these Chinese pirates can 'pirate' free MMORPGs yet. And calling the majority of them pirates is why your first post stay in red unlike my previous one (and likely this one too). Remember, Chinese gamers do not play games Americans/Europeans do. I pretty damn sure that you do not know the Chinese gamers, or ever visit the country, or even have any friends from that part of the world for making such ignorant statement that makes your been vote-down into the red.

By Oxygenthief on 7/29/2009 7:54:29 AM , Rating: 2
Vote-Trolls travel in packs. It only takes two retards like yourself to put someone in the red. I am guessing you Yongsta and Maxima2k2se are all part of the "ghey gamers for China" clan. But at least you have friends now...

As for me not answering your question on how the chinese pirate "free" games... WTF are you talking about retard. Did you not even read the article? No one here, except you, is talking about "free" games. Pull your head out.

As for not knowing anyone in that country, you are right, I do not. I do know that there are a ton of articles on the subject of China being one of the worst offenders when it comes to pirating games and dvds. WHICH WAS MY POINT FROM THE BEGINNING YOU RETARDED TROLL!

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