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A new FDA study finds that e-cigarettes contain many carcinogens and toxins, like their smoking counterparts. Manufacturers' claims that they make for "healthy" use appear blatantly incorrect.  (Source: Sean O'Key/
Proof yet again that things that sound to good to be true really are

They are billed as affordable and safe ways to enjoy the experience of smoking without the health risks.  Every day thousands of customers across the country "light up" e-cigarettes, a new product that is taking the online world by storm.  E-cigarettes consist of cartridges filled with nicotine and other chemicals, spiced with flavors such as chocolate, cola or bubble gum.  The "cigarette" typically lights up as it vaporizes the nicotine-chemical cocktail, which it delivers as steam to the user.

As sales for the devices, market as a healthy-living product, have skyrocketed, the Food and Drug Administration became concerned.  Exactly how "healthy" were these cigarette substitutes? 

The FDA began testing them and it quickly discovered that the e-cigarettes, like their smoking counterparts, are hazardous to the health.  The samples from various manufacturers contained dangerous carcinogens.  Further, at least one manufacturer's mix contained diethylene glycol -- a chemical used in antifreeze, and a toxin to humans.

Dr. Jonathan Samet, director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Southern California comments, "We know very little about these devices, but to say they are healthy -- that's highly doubtful."

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, commissioner of the FDA adds, "The FDA is concerned about the safety of these products and how they are marketed to the public."

One of the largest manufacturers of the devices, Florida-based Smoking Everywhere has remained mum on the reports.  The devices do appear, thus-far to be legal as a combination drug-device product under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Dr. Jonathan Winickoff, chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics Tobacco Consortium urges people to think of the children, commenting, "It is very important that parents let their children know these are not safe and to make recommendations, or even enforce rules that they not be used."

Dr. Matthew McKenna, director of the Office of Smoking and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adds, "Children who use these products may also be using other tobacco products.  It's a good idea to make sure the child is aware of the dangers of tobacco in products in general."

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RE: wasnt it obvious?
By ClownPuncher on 7/24/2009 12:00:59 PM , Rating: 2
You made the incorrect assumption that the health care plan being proposed would be a single payer social plan. Read up on it if you're interested. The only people forced in to using the plan would be companies and small businesses that do not help provide private insurance coverage.

From what I have read, it seems like the healthcare plan being discussed will put a pinch on small businesses who don't opt to cover their employees and possibly take a little burden from the hospitals.

I don't know if this is a good idea, I would like to learn more before I pass final judgment. I work for a company that makes medical equipment, and our stock has gone up since the bill was proposed, some of us are optimistic, others... not so much.

RE: wasnt it obvious?
By SiliconDoc on 8/14/2009 8:57:04 AM , Rating: 2
Turning your last few freedoms over to the monstrous trillion dollar endebted for generations to come government is never a good idea lately, fella.
A single clue might be the lying face of power flapping his ears while telling you "it won't cost a dime, it will save money".
A simple check on ALL OF HISTORY for every government entity that existed for all time will disprove that fairy tale lying fantasy, unless of course you believe it's the messiah, for real. ( I take that back, it will still prove it's a bad idea, because you'd have to be a now common nutter to buy it. )

RE: wasnt it obvious?
By SiliconDoc on 8/14/2009 9:36:47 AM , Rating: 2
Buddy, you were probably around when the overlords just recently told us their neat seat belt law would NEVER RESULT in drivers getting pulled over for not having it clicked, and in fact all of us could only be cited if some other traffic violatiuon initiated a stop. That lasted for what exactly, 2 years ?
NOW, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BLARES it's Ad Council "Click it or Ticket ! " national law enforcement ads over the radios of drivers all across the USA, and they SWEAR if you don't click it- YOU WILL BE CAUGHT!
Now I hope a humble, loving, reasonable, progressive person such as yourself can put two and two together.

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