Look forward to seeing another Intel socket for high density blades and routers

A few weeks ago we brought you a few images of Intel's Socket 771.  After reviewing the latest Intel roadmaps, it would appear that Socket 771 finally has a purpose: high density and embedded CPU replacements. 

We should stress that Woodcrest will not show up exclusively on Socket 771.  Embedded systems using PGA CPUs will be the only platforms affected -- and they are hardly consumer level components.  Manufacturers had told us that Socket 771 was originally for Sossaman (server grade Yonah Core CPUs), but it appears those forecasts were a little premature. 

Merom, the upcoming Intel mobile CPU set to replace Yonah, was also added to the Intel roadmaps for Low Voltage applications. However, Merom will stick to the traditional BGA and PGA packages.

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