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During its centennial celebration, the NAACP has launched a new program, the "Rapid Response System," which enables people to file reports of alleged police misconduct through the use of their cell phones.

This year, the NAACP, established in New York City in 1909, celebrates its centennial.  As celebrations are under way, new crime-fighting programs are being developed and implemented by the association. One of these programs, the “Rapid Response System,” allows for people to use their cell phones in order to report any incidents of alleged police misconduct. The new system was officially unveiled Monday, as part of the annual convention for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in New York City.  

Instant texts, e-mails and video reports each exist as acceptable mediums to file a report of alleged police misconduct, which takes three steps to complete. A person must first take photos or record video on their camera phone of the incident. Next, the person must send the photos or video to the NAACP, which can be done through a Web browser, or by uploading the file(s) through a computer. Finally, a short form will need to be filled out regarding the incident. 

According to Benjamin Jealous, the NAACP’s president and CEO, information gathered from various reports will be used differently; while the NAACP may choose to use certain footage/information instantly, other reports may be entered into a comprehensive database for trending and use in more long-term illustrations.

As far as the extensive number of people who have access to the new program, Jealous explained: "Technology has basically put a video camera in the pocket of every child in this country over the age of 12 and most grown-ups, as well."

The NAACP’s vice president of advocacy and research, Monique Morris, offered another advantage of the new system. "What this database will provide is a more accurate account in real time of what's happening in our communities," said Morris.

In an NAACP press release, the Rapid Response System was listed as part of a wider Criminal Justice strategy, known as “Smart and Safe,” to be launched this year.

"We know that most of police officers around the nation are excellent public servants,” Jealous explained in the NAACP release. “But the few who violate people's rights are often not held accountable. We hope to improve the relationship between our community and law enforcement officers -- which is the best way to create the trust needed for police to effectively solve crimes.”

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RE: Equality but division
By HrilL on 7/14/2009 6:37:54 PM , Rating: 1
The NAACP is not only for black people now days. That is where they got their start but they are for civil rights issues.

I'm all for this. If it makes our cops act within the law then I'm all for it.

I have respect for Police until they do something to lose that respect. I've learned its better to just let them do what they're going to do and just try to get as much evidence to their actions as you can. Then when you go to court that is where you can fight back.

A college town comes to mind. I won't say which so my location can't be placed in case any of those asshole cops read this. Pretty much its run by the sheriff department and they send all the cops that have made mistakes or are just plan bad at their jobs to this town. They also have the rookies working out there.

Never in my life have I had more problems with the law then when I've been out there. I've been tackled to the ground for having a bottle of juice and when I tried to get their badge numbers to report them they both refused to give me it (completely illegal to refuse to give their badge number)

If you're walking by yourself they'll single you out and stop you so they can harass you.

They'll also walk right into your house or yard like they own the place kick everyone out and then just leave because they can't give you a ticket when they enter your house illegally.

I saw someone jaywalk once and a cop saw it too he pulls over jumps out of his car grabs the dude and slams him to the back of the police car. Cuffs him and sits him on the curb. And of course they always call for backup because well they've got nothing to do. So then two cops harass the guy for about 20 minutes. Then they don't even give him a ticket and just leave.

I've had my Mexican friends taken to jail because they were supposed gang members when we were downtown drinking. They just grabbed my friend by the neck with both hands like they were going to strangle him. Hes never been in a gang and doesn't even dress that way. Plain old racism at its finest.

I could go on and on. From my experience with police they seem to do more harm then they do good but maybe that is just around here.

Really the requirements to be a office of the peace should be a lot more strict. Half our department doesn't pass the psychological test from what I've read. They don't get enough people that do so they've got to hire the ones that don't. The fact that you can become a cop and make around 80k a year without a college education is sickening. Maybe if they actually put their lives on the line but the ones that just give out tickets shouldn't make more than 40k ever. Plus the people that become cops are power hungry and like to control people. Maybe that is here again since they didn't pass the psychological in the first place either.

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