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Teen hacker George Hotz has become the first to release an iPhone jailbreak and unlocking solution. He was not above a bit of self-indulgence, posting a picture of himself prominently on the app's otherwise uncluttered download page.  (Source:
This is why he's Hotz...

George Hotz, an enterprising teen hacker who goes by the name "geohot" (as well as "million75" or "mil" for short), won fame and infamy in 2007 when he became the first to free the iPhone from its AT&T U.S. SIM card restrictions.  As a reward, Mr. Hotz won a hot set of wheels -- the Nissan 350Z and a paid consulting job with CertiCell, a cell phone services company.

Now a little older and taller, Mr. Hotz, age 19, has distinguished himself again, becoming the first to publish a jailbreak solution for the iPhone 3G S -- a fix to allow the phone to run apps not approved by Apple.  The first step is to visit Mr. Hotz's page and download the "purplera1n" app.  Mr. Hotz describes the following steps on his blog, writing:
Connect your iPhone normally. Click “make it ra1n”. Wait. On bootup, run Freeze, the purplera1n installer app.
The Freeze installer will install an app called Cydia which allows you to run any application on the iPhone -- Apple approved or not.

Using this newfound freedom, the iPhone's SIM card can be unlocked to run on any network by using the previously released ultrasn0w by the Dev Team.  The Dev Team, not affiliated with Mr. Hotz had published the ultrasn0w app, but had declined to release a fix to jailbreak the iPhone, essentially rendering the app useless (as it was not Apple approved).

The Dev Team had stated that it would release a jailbreak with the OS update v3.1.  Mr. Hotz was frustrated by this, so he took matters into his own hands.  He accuses the Dev Team of delaying the jailbreak release for fear of an Apple patch, chastising, "Normally I don't make tools for the general public, and rather wait for the dev team to do it. But guys, whats up with waiting until 3.1? That isn't how the game is played. We release, Apple fixes, we find new holes. It isn't worth waiting because you might have the "last" hole in the iPhone. What last hole...this isn't golf. I'll find a new one next week."

A Windows-compatible version of the iPhone unlocking tool came last week, and this weekend brought a Mac compatible version.  The Windows version is not compatible with Windows 7, according to Mr. Hotz's blog, and it requires the iPhone to be running OS v3.0 and for the latest version of iTunes to be installed.

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kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By kattanna on 7/6/2009 3:43:27 PM , Rating: 0
who goes by the name Purplera1n

while im sure the guy IS smart.. i have to question his choice of name

RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By someguy123 on 7/6/2009 3:45:46 PM , Rating: 5
not a prince fan?

By The0ne on 7/6/2009 9:31:07 PM , Rating: 3
He's a little too young to know about Prince :o

By ZombieRitual on 7/6/2009 3:47:57 PM , Rating: 5
Would you prefer Chocolatera1n?

By Souka on 7/6/2009 4:05:54 PM , Rating: 3
or better still... Hershey-H1ghway

By Omega215D on 7/6/2009 11:06:24 PM , Rating: 4


RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By ipay on 7/6/2009 3:56:04 PM , Rating: 5
Or golden shower?

By Hyperion1400 on 7/6/2009 6:56:14 PM , Rating: 3
That R. Kelly, not Prince.

RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By icanhascpu on 7/6/2009 3:57:23 PM , Rating: 5
Its even harder to respect people that find it hard to respect people over petty-ass things, like a name.

RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By Lord 666 on 7/6/2009 4:11:55 PM , Rating: 2
Yeah, for some reason people think I worship the Devil.

RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By smackababy on 7/6/2009 4:16:51 PM , Rating: 2
You worship the Devil? ZOMG at least you're not a crazy scientologist >_<

By chick0n on 7/6/2009 5:14:23 PM , Rating: 5
whats wrong with jumping on a sofa ?

RE: kinda hard to respect anyone with that name
By Rhaido on 7/6/2009 5:34:46 PM , Rating: 3
Those of us "in the know" know you worship Nero. I'm a Lord616 man myself. ; )

By akosixiv on 7/6/2009 6:14:57 PM , Rating: 2
i'd take the Lord1337.

By DeepBlue1975 on 7/6/2009 7:48:38 PM , Rating: 3
People that warship an optical media burning software??
What do you do, offer it virgin blu-ray discs as a sacrifice?
Pray for the holly coaster?

This world is really crazy!!!

By jimbojimbo on 7/7/2009 1:06:44 PM , Rating: 2
Did you not read the article? He goes by the name "geohot" and his app is called purplera1n.

"Let's face it, we're not changing the world. We're building a product that helps people buy more crap - and watch porn." -- Seagate CEO Bill Watkins

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