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What does the iPhone and vampires have in common? Both apparently can be killed by sunlight. Apple says that the following warning can occur when its phone gets exposed to sunlight.  (Source: Apple)
Apple finally responds to reports about its heat issues

Apple has been having plenty of headaches lately with its MacBook Pro displays failing and experiencing distortion.  Worse yet is the iPhone 3G S's quality problems, which include reported overheating and signal issues.  

The overheating was first noted in Apple support forums.  Soon, though, writers at several tech publications -- PC WorldWired, Le Journal Du Geek and The Telegraph -- began to notice the problems on their own phones.  The Le Journal Du Geek writer posted pictures of a white phone and noticed that the overheating was so severe that it colorized the plastic.  The heat tended to turn the case pink or brown.

Now, Apple has at last issued a response and it is assigning the blame for the problem on its users' behavior, sunlight, and on the seasons.  Apple says that leaving the device in a car on a hot day is one possible culprit causing its phone to overheat.  Apparently, like a vampire the phone is no friend of the sun --  Apple states that "leaving it in direct sunlight for extended amounts of time" may cause it to overheat.

Apple lists the use of "GPS tracking in a car on a sunny day or listening to music while in direct sunlight" as two particularly dangerous operations.

According to Apple the following problems are the result of the iPhone's overheating:

  • The device stops charging
  • Display dims
  • Weak cellular signal
  • Temperature warning screen appears with the message "iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it" (see image below)

Apple says that the iPhone is only meant to operate at temperatures between 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F) and be stored at temperatures between -20º and 45º C (-4º to 113º F).  Unfortunately, this is much lower than the temperatures experienced in much of the American South and Southwest.

Based on Apple's stance it seems there's no immediate solution for iPhone owners.  Apple seems unwilling to agree that its hardware needs revision to deal with the problem, instead assigning the blame elsewhere -- the sun, heat, and summer weather.  And that means as summer temperatures heat up, users are left to prepare for the worst -- their phones beginning to fail.

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RE: haha blame it on the user... i love it
By themaster08 on 7/2/2009 1:18:34 PM , Rating: 2
well true, the bottom vents generally hoover all the dust of your desk and render the cooling useless anyway but to be honest i wouldnt say apples solution is anything special

Bottom vents do aid in the cooling of a notebook, dependant upon the surface the notebook is placed. If you place your notebook on a hard, flat surface such as a desk, the bottom vents will help somewhat.

Obviously they can get clogged with dust, but that's the case for any of the vents regardless of their position. That's not to say they are useless.

RE: haha blame it on the user... i love it
By Jeffk464 on 7/2/2009 7:27:59 PM , Rating: 2
I was wondering about if you place it on something like carpet. Will the laptop suck air through gaps in the keyboard, or do they just overheat? I have noticed when I do this the heatsink area on my laptop gets pretty damn warm, but it has yet to cause my system to lock up.

By aj28 on 7/6/2009 2:56:45 AM , Rating: 2
Most notebooks, including those with lower intake vents, are designed with vents on both the side and rear, meaning that if the bottom is blocked it will intake air from one and exhaust out the other, the order of which is determined by the orientation of the fan blades.

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