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According to reports the new iPhone 3G S's are overheating enough to discolor the plastic from white to pink or brown. The iPod Touches and iPhone 3G's are also suffering lesser heat issues, indicating firmware may be partially responsible. Apple has released no official word on the widespread reports.  (Source: Le Journal du Geek)
Apple's iPhone 3G S takes the heat

Apple boldly advertises the slogan "It just works", but Apple has its share of issues just like any other tech company.  Among the recent problems included Mac display issues (which have been ongoing for over a year) and iPhone signal issues (also a year old problem).

Now another familiar problem has been reported.  Apple's hot new iPhone is not just getting hot figuratively, it's getting hot literally.  Reports of Apple's handsets turning toasty and colorizing from white to a toasty brown or rosy pink have been widely reported.

Reportedly, the phones are more likely to overheat when playing games or using the GPS.  The iPhone 3G S packs a much faster CPU and graphics processor than its predecessor, a likely source of the heating issues.  However, Apple thus far has denied the reports and refused to comment that there is a problem with the handsets.

Melissa J. Perenson of PC World is among those whose iPhone 3G S is overheating.  She writes, "And at some point, I became aware the handset had become very hot. Very, very hot — not just on the back, but the entire length of the front face, too. I was using a game, and then later the Web browser for reading the news about Michael Jackson, all over a Wi-Fi connection while plugged in. And in those circumstances, well…toasty doesn’t even describe how surprisingly hot it got. It was too hot to even put the phone against my face. No discoloration to report, though; I have the black handset, and didn’t see any effects."

OS power management also may be to blame.  Reportedly, iPhones and iPod touches upgraded to the new OS v3.0 have also been heating up.  Writes's Charlie Sorrel, "To add to the confusion, I have noticed my 2G iPod Touch getting a lot hotter than usual since updating to the v3.0 software. This happens while web browsing, and the battery is draining fast, too. I have no idea if this is related, but if it is it could point at some bad power-management software in OS 3.0."

Ultimately, it may be a combination of hardware and firmware power management that's causing the new iPhone to overload.

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RE: Houston we have a problem.
By fsardis on 6/30/2009 4:11:03 AM , Rating: 2
first of all their market share is not growing as fast as you make it appear.
second, they get new users because of the clever ads but it does not prove loyalty. wait 3 years and see if win 7 will take a bit out of them.
third, i am not taking any welfare checks, i am rather comfortable. on the other hand, those who do take them usually own a mac (ie artistes)
4th, it has been proven many times that the quality of a mac is not even close to the quality of a lexus. you have obviously never been in a luxury car, i on the other hand have spend plenty of time in one and keep spending plenty of time in one. the major difference is the luxury and that things do work. in my mac there is no luxury, the sharp edges are eating my wrists as i type, the keyboard feels cheap, the OSX is an ugly piece of junk and it seems to lack any type of security.

you on the other hand, being a grease monkey who does not even own one have no right to defend them in any way. as a matter of fact if anyone is doing any sucking that would be you since you are a zealot without even owning one. i am using all 3 of the major operating systems currently and OSX is by far the worst. you stick to your gaming alienware and enjoy the 0 you get here. i assume they remind you of your marks in schools since you ended up a retarded grease monkey who does not even understand why a firewall should be enabled and autologin should be off.

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