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Microsoft will only cover data plans for Windows-based mobile phones

Technology firms are notorious for some of the perks they offer to retain employees. Google is perhaps the most notorious giver of perks with gourmet lunches and swimming spas to keep its working masses happy.

Google has found more recently that its perks can’t keep some of its most important people from leaving. Microsoft is another of the big firms that offers perks that many employees have now taken for granted. With the tough global economy, Microsoft has been shedding employees as it shores up its finances to weather the economic storm.

BusinessInsider reports that one of the benefits that Microsoft employees have enjoyed over the years is being dropped. Microsoft has implemented a new policy that will no longer pay for employees’ mobile phones and data plans, even when used extensively for work, if the mobile phone runs on anything other than Windows Mobile.

That means that Microsoft workers that previously had their BlackBerry or iPhone plans covered will now have to pay on their own. Some Microsoft-owned firms will continue to get other devices paid for though. Razorfish (an advertising agency owned by Microsoft) employees will reportedly still get data plans paid for on any device.

BusinessInsider reports that a Microsoft rep has confirmed the change and said, "[Reimbursement] is limited to Windows Mobile devices. This policy took effect as part of the broader cost saving measures announced earlier this year."

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Tweak your WinMo to make it faster
By InternetGeek on 6/15/2009 11:44:08 PM , Rating: 2
Just recently I started using an HTC Touch Pro. I gave it to my wife as a gift, she didn't quite like it because it was 'slow' so I gave her a Nokia E71. She loves it and I finally got a WinMo. After a few days I understood her complains and took it upon myself to play with the phone.

First thing I found out is that 6.1 phones are not using the newest .NET 3.5 framework. Many have it installed but most programs are targetting the old .Net 2.0 Framework. To install it you need to connect your phone and run the .NET3.5CF installed. The installed will detect the phone and give you the option to deploy the framework. Then you need to use a program called NETCFG (copy it to the phone) and configure the phone's policy so all programs use the newer framework. This made the phone work faster.

The next thing was to download a tool called Advanced Config and increase the buffers and caches. This made the phone fly. It is really nice to use now.

I then found out that most makers use old version of drivers for their phone, which kinda rings a bell on what laptop makers do...

However, it's odd that most of these phones have the power to work so much better but makers don't configure WinMo to take advantage of the hardware as much as it can. Kinda rings a bell in general doesn't it?

Check for most stuff, however, I would recommend trying one of the WinMo 6.5 Roms. In the case of HTC you could get over the TouchFlo3d interface and if you use WinMo 6.5 you will find it is not even necessary because the design is way better...

By SuperFly03 on 6/16/2009 1:14:47 AM , Rating: 2
This is exactly why I hack every win mo phone I get my hands on :D

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