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Ready or not, digital is here to stay

Today is the big day for Americans still clinging to analog TVs and rabbit ears. For those folks that haven't already picked up a DTV converter box to translate the new digital signals, their TVs will now be relegated to useless lumps of plastic, metal, and glass.

The switch to DTV was supposed to take place on February 17, but Congress passed legislation to delay the switch until June 12 under the guidance of President Obama. The delay also gave the government additional time to disperse an additional $650 million USD in DTV coupons to Americans who still hadn't purchased a converter box.

Despite the extra time afforded to Americans to prepare for the DTV switch, additional funds for DTV coupons, and free assistance provided to setup converter boxes, the New York Times reported that roughly 2 million households will still be unprepared for today's switchover.

For those using cable, satellite, or digital TVs with an antenna, you have nothing to worry about -- your TV programming will be unaffected.

For more information on the DTV switch, you can check out the official website here.

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RE: Why the hate on rabbit ears?
By cobra1771 on 6/12/2009 4:11:35 PM , Rating: 2
Haha that's because there is no such thing as a digital antenna. That's just a marketing ploy. DTV is still good ol UHF, any old analog antenna will suffice.

Well, sort of. Many stations are moving their digital broadcasts to hi vhf. (channel 7+). That sucks. I have had a UHF antenna with a UHF only pre-amp up for about 9 years now. I had to go up and replace it with a UHF antenna that can supposedly handle hi vhf. I also swapped out my pre-amp with a vhf/uhf pre-amp. I'll find out today how well my new antenna can received hi vhf. I get both DC and Baltimore stations and the CBS affiliates from both cities are moving to vhf as is the ABC affiliate from DC.

RE: Why the hate on rabbit ears?
By theapparition on 6/15/2009 8:47:22 AM , Rating: 2
Not quite sort of.....
All stations will stay on EXACTLY the same channel that they are now.
That means, for example, channel 2 analog was shut off. Channel 2 digital was moved from some temp UHF frequency to channel 2 (VHF low). That's why it was important to rescan after the switch. So digital broadcasts will continue in place of the analog ones on the exact same frequencies, meaning both VHF low/high and UHF.

So the original point is completely true, there is absolutely no such thing as a "digital" antenna. Any antenna that recieved VHF-L, VHF-H, and UHF will work fine. The only measure of so-called half truth to the digital antenna myth is that digital broadcasts tend to be more localized, meaning the range for acceptable picture is less. So amplified antennas may be necessary for some households. However, any amplified antenna, even the old analog ones, will work fine.

RE: Why the hate on rabbit ears?
By Keeir on 6/18/2009 1:38:12 PM , Rating: 2
Ummm.... no.

In some select markets, broadcasters have indeed moved the "channel" of transmissions permanently

The reason for this is the more strict power requirments on the VHF band for digital.

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