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China says the software won't filter political content, only porn

The internet is rife with content that many users find objectionable. There are a number of software products that can be installed on computers to prevent unauthorized access to content that parent or corporations deem objectionable.

In China, the government is now set to force computer makers to bundle software with all computers sold in the country that filters content from the internet. The requirement is raising concerns over cyber-security and freedom.

The Chinese government wants the Green Dam-Youth Escort software, developed in China by Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co, to be installed on all PCs sold in the country to  filter so-called "unhealthy words and images" reports Reuters.

The issue for foreign computer companies selling products in China is that to continue selling in one of the fastest growing market in the world, the companies have to bundle software that could cause the machines to be more vulnerable to security breached and malfunctions.

According to the Chinese government the software must be installed, "in order to consolidate the achievements of the online campaign against pornography, combine punishment and prevention, protect the healthy growth of young people, and promote the internet's healthy and orderly development."

Reuters reports that while most aspects of the security software are unknown, some manufactures worry the software could be a channel for industrial espionage. According to Chinese leaders, the software can’t be used to filter things like political content because it looks for pornographic images.

The software would be able to be defeated by the computer end-user says the Chinese government, and the use of the software by the end-user wouldn't be required.

The Chinese computer industry is expected to grow by about 3% in 2009 to over 42 million PCs shipped. Companies like ASUS are looking to China to increase their global PC sales.

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i am chinese. american..
By hans007 on 6/9/2009 1:53:12 AM , Rating: 5
i am a chinese american from the philippines. Thers a lot of these say ancestors of chinese refugees that fled china after the communists took over.

That said, I am an absolute china hater to the point that other chinese people have criticized me over. I would like nothing more than for the 100 - 200 million extra men in china to just get pissed off from lack of pornography and women (seeing as the one child law has caused the number of men to be almost 60% of the population there) to cause an uprising.

I mean if you were one of those 200 million or so extra men, and your freedom is taken away and theres no women, you might as well revolt.

I mean EVERYONE in america should be against china. this is a country that has destroyed our manufacturing sector through mercantilism with an artificially devalued currency. I think they will get what they deserve eventually.

If anything the surpression of freedom will cause riots once their economy collapses. An economy designed around selling us stuff for paper we can print (good deal for us americans eh?). And they polluted and destroyed the air and environment in their country to do it, and now their economy is collapsing.

China is teeting on the edge, and eventually their people will not put up with the lack of freedom anymore. Maybe they tolerated it for a while because they had their illusion of prosperity, but with the economy collapsing and no freedom, heads will roll we can only hope.

RE: i am chinese. american..
By jwux196 on 6/9/09, Rating: -1
RE: i am chinese. american..
By Radnor on 6/9/09, Rating: 0
RE: i am chinese. american..
By LRonaldHubbs on 6/9/2009 7:07:23 AM , Rating: 3
and obviously people under 18 should not have access to pornography

Obvious? How exactly is that obvious? And why should anyone other than the parents have any say in the matter?

People like you are way too brainwashed by the media here for me to say anything logical that you would be able to listen.

No, people like you are too busy using the hysterical 'protect the children!' argument to actually look at the whole issue. This has nothing to do with the children and it has everything to do with the Chinese government expanding it's system of control. Filtering of any kind is control. Just because some other countries are doing it with the same BS rationale as a veil does not make it a good idea.

RE: i am chinese. american..
By Alexstarfire on 6/9/2009 11:06:23 AM , Rating: 2
Logic does not the government make. And what the hell is so bad about porn that those under 18 shouldn't look at it? Beats them trying to spy on women in the locker room/shower.

RE: i am chinese. american..
By unableton on 6/9/2009 6:18:37 AM , Rating: 2
An economy designed around selling us stuff

No, not really. The Economist states, "In fact, if measured on a value-added basis (to exclude the cost of imported components), China’s exports to America account for less than 5% of its GDP."

I'm not going to comment on the rest of your analysis, but be aware that not all of your premises for your argument against China are not factually correct.

RE: i am chinese. american..
By acase on 6/9/2009 9:20:14 AM , Rating: 2
I'm not going to comment on the rest of your analysis, but be aware that not all of your premises for your argument against China are not factually correct.

Double negative, he wins!

RE: i am chinese. american..
By unableton on 6/10/2009 7:24:43 AM , Rating: 2

it was 6 in the morning, cut me a break

RE: i am chinese. american..
By invidious on 6/9/2009 9:29:51 AM , Rating: 2
Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything. 14% of people know that.

"Can anyone tell me what MobileMe is supposed to do?... So why the f*** doesn't it do that?" -- Steve Jobs
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