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Opera 10 beta 1, released today, has expandable tabs -- drag a bar beneath the tabs and they become thumbnails. The browser is also much faster, easily beating Firefox 3.0.10 in speed, and giving Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 a run for its money.  (Source: DailyTech)

The browser's only glaring weakness is its handling of Javascript/Flash blocking. Unlike Firefox's NoScript, blocking Javascript in Opera 10 remains an all or nothing affair. If you block Javascript, you block ads often, but you'll also block content, as seen here on  (Source: DailyTech)
A test drive of Opera 10 shows it to be shaping up to be a very impressive release

Though still young in the development cycle, Opera 10, which hit the web today in beta 1 form, is shaping up to be a potentially must-have release for Windows, OS X, and Linux users alike.  The smoking fast browser packs some great innovations and puts older competitors, like Firefox 3 on notice.

First of all, the new browser uses advanced compression technology to deliver better performance on low bandwidth connections like public Wi-Fi, dial-up, or throttled connections.  Secondly, the browser is compatible with the highest current web standards.  Built on the Opera Presto 2.2 engine, it scores a perfect 100/100 on the Acid3 compatibility test.  The new engine adds Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color, SVG improvements, and more.

Where the browser truly shines is its speed.  It loads pages extremely fast.  DailyTech took it for a spin on a Fedora 10 desktop installation, to try some page loads. loaded in 1.2 seconds in Opera 10 beta 1, versus approximately 2.2 seconds in Firefox 3.0.10.  Likewise, (via CNN) had first and second load speeds of 4 seconds and 1 seconds in Opera, versus 11 seconds and 9 seconds in Firefox.  It may not sound like much, but like Internet Explorer 8, the difference over Firefox's latest build is noticeable -- and Opera 10 even appears to surpass IE 8 in load speeds.

One improved feature of the release is Speed Dial, an exclusive Opera feature which allows you to see and pick from your favorite sites when opening a new tab.  Refined, it now supports up to 25 favorites, and the ability to set custom backgrounds.  Opera 10 also adds nicer integration with web mail clients like Gmail.

Another highlight-reel addition is the ability to resize your tabs.  By dragging a bar beneath the tabs downwards, the tabs become tiny thumbnail screenshots of the page.  While primarily a graphical effect, it certainly adds "wow" factor to the browser, and gives it a decidedly next generation feel.  The effect resembles the "Windows Peek" feature in the upcoming Windows 7.

Other additions include an impressive inline spell checker.  Also, if you want a lightweight email client, akin to Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera sports a refined version of Opera Mail.  And for developers, the new browser packs a new and improved version of Opera Dragonfly.  The new version includes tools to edit the DOM and inspect HTTP headers of pages you're debugging.

The only real disappointment here is security/ad-blocking.  While popup blocking is a breeze, it'd be nice to see a bit more selective JavaScript and Flash blocking, along the lines of NoScript.  Currently it’s easy to block scripts on a site, but blocking via the menus is an all or nothing affair, making it impractical for sights that use JavaScript for content you actually want.

While the official release of Opera 10 may be some time away, the browser is already shaping up impressively.  Ultra-fast and packing a great set of features, the browser definitely will lure away some Firefox users, and maybe even a few Safari or IE 8 users.  It’s definitely worth a download, if only to take it for a quick test ride.

Update 1:
There is a good way to block ads after-all, that's actually been around since Opera 9.  To access it, right click anywhere on a page that doesn't have linked content.  Then select "Block Content" then proceed to click on all content you want block (ads) and finally click "Done" on the top of the page.  White space will appear for a bit, but reloads will fix this.  Also you can use .ini filters to further block ad content.

Also, Mozilla currently is beta testing Firefox 3.5, which is expected to deliver substantial speed improvements.  Expect an upcoming article to look at speed between all the browsers' latest betas or releases.

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Opera 10 looks Great
By Belard on 6/4/2009 12:20:44 AM , Rating: 3
Looks and features...

I've been using Opera as my main browser for almost 2 years now, as I had tried to rid myself of IE... IE7 sucked (IMHO), the missing menu bar what is placed in the WRONG place, non-customizable, etc.

I am glad that we have these many quality choices for a web-browser. The more market share that MS loses, the better the web standards will be (rather than MS/IE web standard). We have 5 mainstream browsers as of today. And while I will say I don't like IE 7~8 and that FF3.0 doesn't do what I want (It can't save webpages correctly), Oprea isn't perfect either (Has problems printing partial pages) - they all have their personality and it allows US - the users to choose WHAT we like.

I do recommend everyone to give Opera a try. It doesn't auto-update like Apple/Chrome/itunes. It has no ads and its almost comepletely customizable. They have been doing the skin-jobs for years. It can look lik IE, MAC (classic and X), Linux as well as off wall Anime, sports or strange.

Features I love about Opera 9.6x:
- Easy to use tab browsing with Thumbnail views.
- Awsome text Find function (highights ALL text youre looking for as you type).
- Its view Zoom function (IE didn't have anything like it until IE7) what can zoome up to 1000%, including graphics! Handy for some video sights that only have tiny or full screen and I only want it x2~x3 bigger.
- Speed Dial. 9 of your favorites sites with thumbnails as your "home page" to start your browsing.

But Opera 9.5+ has some minor issues... They changed to a moder modern look for its tool bars, but the TINY little "X" to close the tabs sucked the big one. They also moved the + Tab button (add a tab) to the right (ala IE7+) - but luckly it can be copied back to the left. Why does it suck? Because it becomes a moving target. (Yes I know the whole bare bar is a button - its a matter of habit and function).

Also, lucky is the ability to replace the default 9.5+ skin to something better like Lix 1.5 which looks great on XP-MCE and Vista computers.

Now, about the FIND function, Opera 9.5 created a new bottom bar that has Zoom. So I copied the FIND text button from the original View bar and pasted down there. I like the new bar becauses its thinner than the original view bar.

Reading this, what makes Opera 10 sound so much better.
- speed,
- User controlled selection of Speed dial (9 wasn't enough for my 24" screen)
- Resizable tabs
- inline spellchecker
- Vastly improved looked with fixed Closed tab buttons on default skin.

Features that Opera has needed for quite a while.

Now to try out the beta and see if I'm impressed or hate it :)

RE: Opera 10 looks Great
By Belard on 6/8/2009 1:24:20 AM , Rating: 2
Okay, I've been using Opera 10 Beta since June 4th (4 days ago)... Cool thing about Opera, you can install more than one version :)

I'll go over the "bad" first. The Turbo mode isn't worth it to me since it degrades graphics.

I'd like to see the NAV buttons made a bit bigger, but otherwise look very nice. Its the first Opera I've used with its original skin, I usually swap out with the LIX 1.5 skin ASAP.

Thats about it...

I think Team Opera needs to put the TEXT search back on the default bottom bar as it is on the "VIEW BAR". The bottom bar is actually nothing more than a smaller View Bar, so I use it to get more web-area. Luckily its easy to ADD the TEXT Search function... but it should be there by DEFAULT since its one of the best features Opera. I personally shoved the Turbo Button to the right side close to the View controls.

Opera 10 is just plain great to work with. I've not had a single crash or issue with the program (so far) and so its currently my default browser.... since I installed Opera10, I've not used Opera 9 (other than to compare some operations).

I have no reason to ever use Opera 9 again.

Way to go Opera...!

I've tried Chrome. Its very good as a minimalist browser... but I like Operas customization. IE 7~8, never liked its idiotic layout and loss of the menu bar and then stupid placement of the menu bar.

I've also tied out Apple Safari... ugh. Chrome is much nicer.

IE 7~8 wastes so much space. Theres 8 buttons on the TAB bar... (On my Opera currently, I have 10 tabs going all the way across!) And then theres this HUGE URL window and its at the top of the screen!

There could be 2~5 bars between the web page area and the URL!! Its plain stupid! With Opera, the URL is below the TABS, making it "attached" to the tab. Even Firefox3, there are tool bar(s) between its URL and tabs. I'd choose firefox3 over IE 7~8.

The other cool feature of Opera (even in 9) is that I click on the URL bar and I can type a letter shortcut to a search function (I use defaults - but you can program these)

G <text of what you are looking for> = Google
W <text of what you are looking for> = Wikipedia

And it goes to that page. There are others for A sk, Y ahoo, E bay, B it Torrent.

I'm using the 16 block Speed dial. Much nicer on my wide screen than 9 (3x3) it feels to me that anymore becomes too small and crowded. Thanks for this flexibility, Team Opera!

Hands down, this is the best Opera ever. They fixed some stupid ideas that were added to Opera 9.5 and really polished this baby up. The spell-checker works great and has been sorely missed.

Everyone should give Opera 10 a try... what is it going to hurt?

"It seems as though my state-funded math degree has failed me. Let the lashings commence." -- DailyTech Editor-in-Chief Kristopher Kubicki

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