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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
Release date is in line with previous reports, holiday-season ready

Windows 7 will indeed be hitting in time for the holiday season.  The much-buzzed about operating system is set to inherit the operating system throne from the much-maligned Windows Vista, with general commercial availability starting on October 22 according to a Microsoft press release aired today.

Previous reports had come quite close to pegging the release date, with October 23 being the cited date in many reports.  Bill Veghte, senior vice president for Microsoft's Windows, helped announced the true date, stating, "We feel confident that we will deliver Windows 7 with our partners on Oct. 22."

Microsoft faces tremendous pressure with the release.  The company has been hounded by its investors in recent months for revenue drops related to the recession.  These investors are quick to note that Windows Vista, while a solid seller, failed to surpass Windows XP.

Despite these problems, Vista and other Windows operating systems accounted for roughly 30 percent of the company's $60B USD in sales in 2008.  Windows-based operating systems are currently installed on approximately 90 percent of the world's personal computers. 

For Microsoft, the finalized release date represents both good news and bad.  The good news is it will make the lucrative holiday shopping season, a frequent time for people to buy new systems.  The bad news is that it will miss the equally lucrative back-to-school shopping season, where parents and college students typically purchase systems.

Microsoft does face some pressure, too -- Apple will be releasing its Snow Leopard OS sometime this summer or fall, and Google recently announced that its Android OS was coming to netbooks, courtesy of Acer.  The challenges, for now, though are limited -- Windows 7 will almost certainly lead these next generation operating systems in sales.

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Old programs
By mrkeeeler on 6/2/2009 4:06:21 PM , Rating: 3
Not sure if this is public knowledge but i was just at an MS event/training that they showed us some new win7 features. The biggest one for backwards compatibility is that it comes with a built in virtual PC that you can run and install any past version of windows. The demo that we saw was on a laptop and it was running win 7 then win vista and win XP in separate windows. Both ran amazing.

RE: Old programs
By Doormat on 6/2/2009 8:59:10 PM , Rating: 1
Its still not 100% compatible. I tried my Checkpoint VPN software inside an XP32 VM in Win7-64. Didn't work. They don't have a 64b version for Vista or 7 yet.

RE: Old programs
By 2bdetermine on 6/2/2009 9:25:31 PM , Rating: 2
You're talking about security software. Why would you wanted to run checkpoint VPN in VM mode and left the new core OS unprotected.

RE: Old programs
By KentState on 6/2/2009 10:23:57 PM , Rating: 1
Because some of the major VPN programs like CISCO and Checkpoint still do not support 64bit. Therefore, you run a virtual machine and connect through it. Actually a pretty standard thing to do.

RE: Old programs
By Master Kenobi on 6/3/2009 6:26:32 AM , Rating: 3
Cisco has a 64-bit Vista client. Check the 5.X releases.

RE: Old programs
By Lord 666 on 6/3/2009 7:15:16 AM , Rating: 2
That is incorrect.

Cisco VPN Software Clients
Cisco VPN Client

Includes Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, Cisco VPN Client, and Cisco SSL VPN Client.
Cisco VPN Client for Windows does NOT support any 64-bit technologies. Customers must upgrade to the next-generation Cisco AnyConnect


RE: Old programs
By robp5p on 6/5/2009 10:24:08 AM , Rating: 2
It is correct that Cisco has a 64-bit VPN client. It is not correct that it is the 5.X release. Going forward, 64-bit VPN from Cisco comes in the 'AnyConnect Client' flavor

Q. Does AnyConnect 2.x support both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) Vista?

A. Yes.

RE: Old programs
By Lord 666 on 6/3/2009 8:36:12 AM , Rating: 2
Or purchase a Cisco ASA5505 for the home office.

RE: Old programs
By pxavierperez on 6/3/2009 12:58:28 AM , Rating: 2
Virtual PC is a plus. but with my own experience using Windows 7 64bit, i have yet run into problems running XP based applications. It's been quite smooth from the get go using both 32bit and 64bit apps

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