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The Palm Pre will be the first non-Apple phone to feature firmware-supported syncing with iTunes. The great mystery is whether Apple will try to sue Palm to block this feature.  (Source: Apple 2.0)
New smart phone will be first non-Apple phone to sync nicely with iTunes, but will Apple ruin the party?

For iPod users on the fence over whether to jump on the iPhone bandwagon or try the new Palm Pre, the iPhone's first multi-touch competitor, they may just have gotten a bit of an incentive to choose the latter.  It has been revealed that the Palm Pre will sync perfectly with iTunes, allowing customers with iPods to transfer their music files without hassle or third-party utilities.

The surprise scoop was discovered and confirmed by the many reviewers who received and have been testing early Pre handsets.  However, the news actually leaked in January from a Palm employee -- but no one followed up, as it was likely dismissed as a wild rumor.

ITunes treats the Pre just like an iPod or iPhone, except it can't get iPhone apps and it can't use old copy-protected songs (Apple recently dropped copy protection).  Previously, users could sync iTunes with smart phones like the Palm Treo and 700p, but only via a third-party application.  This time the phone's firmware comes sync-ready.

Palm is full of ex-Apple engineers, including Palm president Jon Rubinstein, who built the original iPod for Steve Jobs so this bit of news is not totally surprising.

The one uncertainty is whether Apple will block Palm's encroachment on its iTunes software.  Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook has hinted in the past that Apple may seek legal action against Palm for possible violations of its mobile devices multi-touch patent.  Palm, however, has expressed little concern over lawsuits from Apple.  It is confident that it will win any such battles, and that Apple will lose in negative publicity as well.

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RE: Apple iTunes Monopoly??
By MonkeyPaw on 5/29/2009 12:49:10 PM , Rating: 2
If apple were to do anything about this I wonder if it would raise the possibility of a monopoly suit against apple for iTunes?

Well, unfortunately, Apple could always argue that since they now sell DRM-free music, the songs available on iTunes are fully transferable to any music player. They will just say that iTunes syncs are for Apple devices only (I can think of other better media players anyway). The next Zune is to have some good Xbox360 integration, but it remains to be seen if non-MS music players could do the same thing, as they might not have known such integration was possible.

RE: Apple iTunes Monopoly??
By smackababy on 5/29/2009 1:18:52 PM , Rating: 2
MS released a download to allow iPods that connect to Apple computers (not Windows formatted ones) to connect via USB to the Xbox360 to play supported audio/video and also released a download for addition codec support. So, yes, they work with other players to an extent. The Zune will work with other aspects even more I'd say, but the Xbox360 isn't some free software that has a virtual monopoly the digital download services.

As far as the Pre goes, I couldn't care less about it working with iTunes. I find that program to be terrible. I don't purchase music at all anymore (not because of pirating, but simply because I don't listen to any newly released music).

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