Gateway NX100 - Image courtesy CNET
Gateway shows off its ULV Core Solo based notebook ahead of Intel's official announcement

Gateway has jumped the gun a bit by offering its NX100 notebook which is powered by Intel's Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo processors. We first brought you word of the processors back in February. The Yonah-based processors clock in at 1.06GHz and 1.2GHz on a 533MHz bus, feature 2MB of L2 cache and cost $241 and $262 respectively in 1k quantities.

The 12.1" notebooks weighs just over three pounds, is less than an inch thick and will start at $1,399. That price includes a 12.1” WXGA screen, 2 USB ports, a Firewire port and a built-in 5-in-1 media reader. A variant aimed at businesses, the E-100M, will be start $200 higher.

The NX100 features Intel's Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) Core Solo U1300 CPU.  Interestingly enough, Intel has not announced this processor yet and the press embargo is still several weeks away -- April 16th.  In the past, Intel has moved up the launch dates of its processors when a major system builder releases the specifications early.

Here's a quote from CNET's review of the new NX100:

Like many ultraportables, the NX100's touch pad and mouse buttons are small but functional; left-handed mousers should note that the right button is a bit smaller than the left button. The system lacks a dedicated scroll button, but the touch pad does have an unmarked scroll function. While other laptops include external volume controls and Wi-Fi on/off switches, the NX100's simple case design affords only a power button above the keyboard.

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