Dell Studio 14z  (Source: Dell)
Studio 14z is reasonably thin and carries a decent starting price

DisplaySearch reported recently that netbooks have grabbed 20% of the global notebook market. Despite the fact that netbook sales are booming, there is still a market for notebook computers -- especially those with lower price tags.

Dell unveiled a new notebook today called the Studio 14z that offers a thin design and a relatively low price tag for a full notebook system. The Studio 14z starts at an MSRP of $649 and can be had in six different colors including black chain link, midnight blue, spring green, plump purple, ruby red, and promise pink. Each pink laptop purchased also gets a $5 donation from Dell to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

The machine has an option for a 500GB HDD capable of storing up to 125,000 songs, 133 DVD movies, or 142,000 digital photos according to Dell. Dell claims the notebook is the first consumer laptop to offer the FailSafe theft prevention option. The feature protects data on the notebook if the machine is lost or stolen by allowing files to be deleted when the machine connects to the Internet.

Dell's VP of global consumer sales and marketing said in a statement, "Young people have grown up with the Internet and can find almost everything they need online. They want a slim, easy-to-carry laptop and like the choice of a larger hard drive over an optical drive. The Studio 14z has the storage and speed that most people need, and it comes with color options that let them truly express who they are."

Other features of the notebook include a thin profile of 0.79 to 1.2-inches thick and an energy efficient 14-inch LED-backlit display with a resolution of 720p/900p. The CPU options include a dual-core Intel Pentium or Core 2 Duo CPUs up to the T9550.

Graphics for the machine are via NVIDIA's GeForce 9400M GPU and a DisplayPort and HDMI-out are built-in. The machine has a starting weight of 4.3 pounds and includes a 1.3MP webcam. The standard battery is a 6-cell unit and an optional 8-cell battery is available providing 6:46 hours of run time with WLED display option. An external optical drive is an option and the notebook has a 4W SRS 2.0 sound system with a subwoofer.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard, though no memory card reader is integrated into the system. A memory card reader that fits into the machine's 34mm Express Card slot is optional. The notebook has eSATA connectivity and up to eight USB 2.0 ports and an external Blu-ray drive is optional.

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