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Screenshots of Kumo leaked earlier this year reveal a search engine similar to Google/Yahoo with more related search features.  (Source: BusinessInsider)
Search engine reportedly will receive another odd name, be subject of major advertising push

Microsoft stole headlines early this year when screenshots of its new Kumo search engine were leaked.  The engine looked to reinvent the search engine wheel, while sporting a quirky name to boot.  However, as it nears launch, it now looks that Microsoft may cast the Kumo name aside and throw another equally bizarre name in its place as it prepares to launch the new engine.  Welcome to Microsoft Bing.

Reports indicate that Microsoft will rename Kumo to a finalized brand name Bing.  In order to promote Bing, Microsoft reportedly is planning an $80M to $100M USD online, TV, print, and radio advertising push, according to AdAge.  As AdAge points out, that total would be more than Google's entire 2008 advertising budget of $25M USD.

Inspired by the success of its "Laptop Hunter" commercials against competitor Apple, Microsoft is hoping that a similar push might convince users to forsake Google and take up Bing.  However, the new ads will reportedly not name any competitors -- not Google, Yahoo, or even 

Rather, they will state to users that "today's search engines" aren't good enough.  Microsoft cites its studies which indicate that 42 percent of searches have to be refined, while 25 percent of post-search clicks result in the user hitting the back button to return to the search page.

As with Kumo, Bing will add "related categories" to the search experience in hopes of having the user find their final desired search easier.  For example, a search for Dave Matthews Band might yield "lyrics", "biography", or "albums" as suggested modifiers.

While the idea is certainly creative, some critics say it won't be enough to beat Google and smaller player Yahoo.  Google has already launched similar tools and Yahoo looks to launch similar ones within a couple months.  However, when it comes to Kumo/Bing, no one really knows quite how well it will do as Microsoft has been extremely secretive about the engine -- few outside its CEO and the engine's designers have seen it.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will reportedly introduce Bing officially at the D: All Things Digital conference, which will run from May 26 to May 28.  He will try to convince users to stop "Googling" and start "Binging."

He and his company face a tough road ahead, though, in the search business.  While very successful in the operating system, office software, and video game businesses, Microsoft has struggled in the search market, unable to generate significant search market share.  Last year saw the drama of Microsoft courting Yahoo and subsequently committing to a half-hearted takeover attempt, which it hoped would lead to a combined competitor capable of challenging Google.  Ultimately the deal unraveled and Microsoft was forced to go its own way, creating Kumo/Bing. 

If the site succeeds it will likely be billed as brilliant move from Microsoft, but if it fails to do so it will merely join the failed pursuit of Yahoo and other highlights in Microsoft's long history of struggles in the search business.

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very successful in the video game business? orly?
By Pirks on 5/26/2009 3:18:51 PM , Rating: -1
Billions wasted on Xbox 360 repairs and losing number one spot to Wii doesn't qualify as "very successful"

By Bender 123 on 5/26/2009 4:06:24 PM , Rating: 1
Its making money, which is more than can be said for a certain "other" next gen console. And the amount of sales seems to indicate, while not smashing records, it is very successful as a profit arm and intrusion into the home as a set top box.

I am not a fan boy, but I cant see a scenario where it could be called a disappointment or failure...

By Pirks on 5/26/2009 8:16:40 PM , Rating: 3
Its making money, which is more than can be said for a certain "other" next gen console
You meant to say "it's losing money less than that certain other console". Great success man, unbelievable! We lose not as much money as one of our competitors, whoohoo!

By Smilin on 5/26/2009 6:47:34 PM , Rating: 2
When does going from no product at all to the #2 spot in just two generations not count as "very successful"? MS is making armored cars full of cash off the 360.

MS has made a household name out of the XBox.

You've made a name for yourself too. Lookup Pirks in the dictionary and you'll have to expand it before you can read the definition since it has a -1 rating on it.

RE: very successful in the video game business? orly?
By Pirks on 5/26/2009 7:16:18 PM , Rating: 1
Blah blah, all personal attacks and no substance as usual from MS fanboys. You can't even prove that MS gets even with their billions blown on repairs, not even talking about any *profit* making here.

RE: very successful in the video game business? orly?
By TSS on 5/26/2009 8:14:36 PM , Rating: 2
it's the usual ramblings from you as well. but i'll bite.

before the crisis they where profitable, barely, but profitable. the price cuts probably had something to do with it, too.

i found this interesting from that article though:

While Xbox 360 platform and PC game revenue increased 16 percent, sales of software for Macs decreased 63 percent.

with the attitude of some mac zealots it's a suprise there was anything to decrease at all.

RE: very successful in the video game business? orly?
By Pirks on 5/26/2009 9:14:16 PM , Rating: 1
"The Entertainment and Devices Division, which includes everything related to the Xbox 360, saw decreased sales and a loss of $31 million"

A stellar "success", indeed

By PARANOID365 on 5/27/2009 2:46:03 AM , Rating: 1
"The Entertainment and Devices Division, which includes everything related to the Xbox 360, saw decreased sales and a loss of $31 million"

Hey fuckhead,

Why don't you learn how to fucking read !! The magic word here retard is, "includes", so what that means, fucktard, is that there are other products in that division.

Here is a description of what the E&D division is composed of:

" The E&D Division is composed of five main businesses : the Interactive Entertainment Business, home to the Xbox and Games for Windows gaming platforms; the Mobile Communications Business, which develops and markets Windows Mobile software, services and applications; the TV, Video and Music Business, comprised of Microsoft Media room, Windows Media Center and Zune software and services; and the Specialized Devices and Applications Business, which includes the Hardware Group, Microsoft Surface, Office for Mac, Microsoft Auto and Windows Embedded software.".

Now as you can see asshat the E&D division is comprised of a lot more than just the Xbox 360, so decreased sales of any of these products will also put the division as a whole in the red.

Also if you took the time to get your head out of your ass and did some research you would find out that the Xbox 360 has, (year after year), consistently been the main driving force behind this division getting out of the red.

Also if you check the stats you would see that the Xbox 360 is the only console that has seen a year-over-year sales growth, which sits at about 26%, (and yes that even includes the Wii, and your fuck buddy, the PS3).

So before you start running your faggot mouth maybe you should check the facts before you try and pass your bullshit off as the truth.

RE: very successful in the video game business? orly?
By Pirks on 5/27/09, Rating: 0
By PARANOID365 on 5/28/2009 4:50:33 AM , Rating: 3
"Whoa", settle down there pirksy !!

Is the truth starting to become a searing pain that just won't go away??

I know you might not like being called out from under your, "rock", but unfortunately when you try and distort the truth so that it works into your favor, you deserve to be called out !!

On a lighter note, I would like to apologize to the rest of the readers, (except for pirksy because he's a straight up douche bag) , for using inappropriate language in my last post to pirksy. The thing is I have been reading DT for a while now and I have witnessed pirksy try and spread his lies and twisted truths, for so long, that I just couldn't take it anymore. I just can't stand when douche bags carry on like idiots just because they cant accept that their position on an issue is completely wrong, or when they just can't accept that someone other than them could possibly be right. So again I apologize to everyone, (except pirksy of course) , for the inappropriate language that I used in my last post.

"So if you want to save the planet, feel free to drive your Hummer. Just avoid the drive thru line at McDonalds." -- Michael Asher

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