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Acer kicks Dell out of number two spot in notebook shipments

The recession has had a significant impact on global PC shipments and has led many consumers to shop for netbooks rather than notebook computers. That means that some computer makers that were relatively unknown a few years ago prior to the netbook revolution are now featured much more prominently.

Research firm DisplaySearch has issued its latest findings for the notebook PC market for Q1 2009. According to the company, netbooks have grown to almost 20% of the notebook market during the quarter. The clear leader in the netbook market remains Acer with a full 30.5% of the netbook market. The second place netbook maker was ASUS; the firm that helped start the netbook revolution with its Eee netbooks. DisplaySearch reports that Acer sold twice as many netbooks as ASUS.

The penetration rate for netbooks was highest in EMEA and Latin America according to DisplaySearch and lowest in China and America. About 45% of all netbooks shipped went to EMEA for the quarter while only 26% of netbooks shipped to North America. One of the things that helped the European grab so much of the netbook market is the fact that many mobile phone service providers offer subsidized netbooks in Europe. That sort of offer is still a rarity in America.

In the notebook category the dominant company was HP with 24.1% of the notebook market – the company shipped over 7.3 million notebooks. Acer grabbed the second place spot for global notebook shipments from Dell as Dell slipped to the number three spot. DailyTech reported in early May that Acer could steal Dell's number two spot. Acer had the largest percentage of its shipments accounted for by netbooks at 31.6%. The other major manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Toshiba all had under 10% of their shipments come from netbooks.

HP's netbook shipments dropped 22% from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009, as did its notebook shipments with an 11% decline for the same period. Acer saw netbook shipments decline 18% from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009 and its notebook shipments declined 9%. Dell saw no decline in its netbook shipments over the Q4 2008 Q1 2009 time frame, though its notebook shipments dropped 19% over the period. ASUS posted the most extreme declines of all the top notebook makers with netbook shipments dropping 47% from Q4 to Q1 and notebook shipments dropping the same amount.

DisplaySearch analyst John F. Jacobs said, "It is clear at the moment that mini-notes play a vital role in the total PC market. Without the additional volume provided by these products, shipment volumes for the notebook PC market would have been down 19% Y/Y, instead of only falling 3%. While there is no doubt that many buyers of mini-notes would have chosen larger notebook PCs if mini-notes were not available, it is also certain that many buyers might have chosen not to purchase a notebook PC at all."

Some analysts and computer makers feel that the netbook is killing the notebook market as consumers flock to the cheaper systems and stay away from higher margin notebooks. As the economy rebounds the netbook may see its market share begin to decline.

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RE: Something does not add up
By michael2k on 5/14/2009 3:46:43 PM , Rating: 2
Not only did Apple do that well in the non netbook arena, they wiped the floor when you consider they sold more iPhones and iPod touches than all netbooks combined.

$400 netbook vs $299 iPod/iPhone is a no brainer from the average consumer.

But Apple gets an additional several hundred dollar subsidy for every iPhone!

RE: Something does not add up
By omnicronx on 5/15/2009 9:07:00 AM , Rating: 2
$400 netbook vs $299 iPod/iPhone is a no brainer from the average consumer.
As great as these devices are, you are kidding yourself if you think they compete directly. And do you actually think the average consumer and Apple user can be put in the same category? The average consumer does NOT pay 300 for an mp3 player or phone. Dont forget they still account for a tiny percentage of total phone sales, and they are no longer the #1 selling phone.

Apple has an amazing business model and make a large amount of cash while pushing a small amount of product, but that does not mean they curtail to the 'average consumer'. Unless of course the average consumer only consists of 5-10% of the market (notebook/desktop and phone markets). The only market that your statements prove true is the mp3 player market.

And a 2% loss for Apple in the netbook market is not doing 'well'. It proves they are recession resilient perhaps, but a loss in a market that they have been going up and not looking back for the past few years is bad for Apple. Of course not nearly as bad as the 20% losses from their PC counterparts, but still not good for them.

Netbooks went from a nothing market only a year ago, to selling 4+ million a quarter, thats pretty amazing and just as much as the iPhone which has a year headstart.

RE: Something does not add up
By michael2k on 5/15/2009 1:32:42 PM , Rating: 2
If a person wants a secondary device to browse the web and check email, then yes a netbook and an iPhone do compete directly.

And when you consider their past products (iPod, iTunes store), and their connection to the iPhone (iPod touch is largely identical sans phone and camera), yes Apple is marketing the iPhone directly to the average consumer.

The average consumer DOES buy an iPod, whether it be shuffle, nano, classic, or touch. Apple just hasn't entered the nano or shuffle categories with the iPhone and has placed it into the premium category right now.

You also mix percentages: Given that the iPhone/iPod touch outsold the netbook, the market for that device is larger than the market for the netbook. At their current growth rate then it would be reasonable to assume that their market is going to correspond roughly with the netbook market.

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