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A woman who harassed a teenager via MySpace wants probation and fine

A Missouri woman who was convicted of three misdemeanors related to the MySpace harassment of a teenager who committed suicide will likely face probation and a $5,000 fine, according to a report.

The attorney for Lori Drew filed a pre-sentence report urging the court to go with probation and a fine.  Furthermore, her lawyer, H. Dean Steward, also wants the convictions to be dismissed.  Steward said MySpace wasn't to blame, and the girl's alleged history of mental illness and bouts of depression were more to blame than anything else.

Drew reportedly created a fake MySpace account posing as a teenage boy and sent flirtatious messages to Megan Meier, one of her neighbors.  Shortly after, the fictitious teenage boy dumped Megan while also saying the world wouldn't miss her.  The girl hanged herself after reading the messages sent through MySpace.

After originally being convicted last November, Drew faces three years in jail and a fine up to $300,000 related to the three misdemeanor counts of accessing computers without authorization.  She originally was charged with four felony counts, though she was cleared of three of them and the jury was deadlocked on the final felony count.

"This is about justice," Megan's mother said after the verdict.  "It's justice not only for Megan but it's justice for everybody who has had to go through this with the computer and being harassed."

Drew reportedly can't pay the $5,000 fine since she lost her job when she stopped working in November 2007.  In addition, several neighbors have harassed and threatened her, leading up to a brick being thrown through one of her windows.  The family eventually had to move out of the neighborhood.

She is expected to be sentenced on May 18, and Steward has asked that Megan's friends and family not speak at the sentencing, as it's "still a computer fraud case."

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Crossing the line.
By Unfixedyouth on 5/5/2009 6:49:37 PM , Rating: 2
We can rant all day about the woman’s hand in this matter. But some of you have no sense.

How old was this "Teen?" I'm assuming when they say teen, they are excluding 18 and 19. So. A minor was being influenced by an adult in a way that led to distress, which then seemed to be heavy enough for the minor to kill herself.

Have we forgotten about cult punch? Let us say an adult plans a mass suicide claiming that it was a ruse and that they didn't think that it would cause any harm. Let's also say that the adult never provided harmful material to the minors to aid in killing themselves, other than the mental suggestions.

Is that still not wrong?

What about Manson? Did he actually ever kill anyone? I don't quite remember, but I don't think so... From what I remember, he merely convinced others to kill other people. Why was he responsible for those murders?

Also, we do not have transcripts to effectively asses the case.

We do know that the adult told the minor that the world would not miss her. That to me indicates that she knew, in some way, what to say to push the minor into a corner.

What if this is her first time trying to feed her emotions to cause others pain? Is it really safe to not asses the adults’ mental state in a correctional facility?

Sexual predators?

A man makes contact with a fake teen. They are set to meet. They are then met by a tv crew and police force to take them in for showing up with specific items that would be enough evidence to convict them. Why not call them out before they get that far? Why not try to help them with medical treatment instead of locking them up? I mean, the people baiting are conspirators right?...

What if the man had a gun on the show? and shot the "bait" girl before they had a chance to intervene?

Who do we blame then?

Back to the case at hand.

What about the poor medical treatment the minor received? Why not blame the therapists for their failures?

Or even the parents?

The girl did it to herself you say? Blah... Blah... Blah...

A factor was introduced into a minor’s life by an adult that clearly had malicious intent. "The world will not miss you."

We've all heard the story about the man trying to break into someone’s house falls through the skylight onto a knife and then sues the owner of the house and wins....

Is that really what you all want to defend here?


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