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Acer's Aspire One remains a netbook leader, and a strong seller worldwide. Analysts say Acer's netbook sales growth could help it eventually pass Dell for the number 1 PC retailer spot.  (Source:
Analysts say Acer beating Dell is possible, but not likely

The poor global economy continues to pound computer makers of all sizes. Netbooks continue to be popular, yet despite the increase sales of netbook systems most computer makers are still seeing revenues drop and having a hard time meeting analyst expectations.

InformationWeek reports that despite the poor economy and the reduction in computers being built and shipped, Acer could replace Dell as the world's number two PC maker this year. Dell only recently lost the title of number one PC seller in the world to HP.

Despite the chance Acer has of deposing Dell, Acer turned in disappointing numbers for its most recent quarter. The company lowered its 2009 projections for netbooks shipped to between 10 million to 12 million, a reduction from the previous expectation of 12 million to 15 million.

Acer profits for the quarter dropped 31% to $60 million, analysts expected Acer to report profits of $64 million. Total Acer revenue for the quarter fell 6.5% to $3.5 billion, down from $3.8 billion. Taking the number two crown form Dell could prove to be difficult. For Acer to take the second spot from Dell, Dell would have to post another consecutive loss in market share while Acer would need to gain. Dell has seen shipments fall for two quarters in a row.

Analyst Doug Bell from IDC said, "Hypothetically, if Acer grows like they say they are, then it's possible there could be a change in the No. 2 vendor." In Q1 2009 the numbers for Dell and Acer were in a bit of debate. IDC reported that Dell shipped 1.1 million more computers during the quarter than Acer shipped. However, research firm Gartner has the two computer makers in a near tie with Dell ahead of Acer by a meager 1/10 of a percentage.

Bell says with regards to Acer dethroning Dell for the second spot, "Over a million units is a lot of share to take from a stable, mature player. It is possible, but it would be very tough."

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RE: Shipping more units doesn't mean that much
By quiksilvr on 5/1/2009 8:04:42 PM , Rating: 5
Dailytech should have a five minute window for removal of comments so we can re-post it if we made a mistake. If someone replies too it before the five minutes, that window is gone and your grammatical mistakes will be forever shown to the world! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

By sgtdisturbed47 on 5/1/2009 8:27:54 PM , Rating: 2
It seems as though Acer has definitely moved up in the world in the past 4 years. I remember first coming in contact with them and thinking "who the heck is Acer?" but now, Acer is everywhere. Great laptops, netbooks, LCD monitors, and more. Great products at great prices. Makes sense that they would at least come close to having stiff competition with a large name like Dell.

By omnicronx on 5/2/2009 3:23:56 PM , Rating: 2
Acer has been number 3 worldwide for years.. Their netbooks are just keeping their sales pretty much the same even in a recession (although profits are still taking a hit).

Dell is just floundering, in fact this article is pretty misleading if you ask me. Once PC sales start to pick up again, Acer will probably be in the exact same position they were last year... Behind Dell and HP, but holding 3rd firmly.

By mindless1 on 5/3/2009 11:28:30 PM , Rating: 2
I could be wrong but vaguely recall Acer had more PC market penetration (at least in the US) during the Win95 era, after which HP lost some share and Dell gained some while Gateway foundered with whether they could make their country stores profitable.

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