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Firefox, Chrome, and Safari are gaining on IE

According to a new research paper published by Forrester, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 is still in heavy use in the enterprise environment. However, the report shows that Mozilla Firefox is steadily gaining in browser market share. Firefox was called the most risky business app in a Bit9 study last year.

Forrester reports that both Google Chrome and Apple Safari are seeing increased adoption with enterprise users as well. The reason for the increased adoption according to the research paper is that business users are relying "more heavily on the Internet and Web-based tools to perform their functions" writes paper author Sheri McLeish.

McLeish wrote, "As more and more companies look to SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions and the Web delivers richer media, firms need to rethink their browser choices in concert with the Web-based apps they deploy. Information and knowledge management (I&KM) pros must start to leverage today’s browser innovations like faster processing, tabs, and new search features to improve information worker productivity."

The survey conducted by Forrester polled a pool of 51,913 enterprise-client users and was conducted in the first half of 2008. The study showed that IE6 was the dominant browser for enterprise users on a month-by-month basis for the entire year with a market share of 66.6% in July 2008 dropping to 60.2% in December 2008.

For the same period, IE7 gained market share moving from 33.4% to 39% giving Microsoft browsers a total of 81.3% of the enterprise browser market. Firefox made gains as well with its share going from 16.9% in July to 18.2% in December. Google Chrome went from 1.6% in September to 2% in December while Apple Safari went the same period with 1.4% of the market.

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By Avitar on 4/30/2009 4:13:49 PM , Rating: -1
I have been using IE8 at home for about seven months. Do not hate it but I do not see any improvement at all over IE6. I keep FF and even Netscape 7.2 on my machine as well for when I get fed up with IE. The reason IE8 improved standard compliance so much is that IE had so much room to improve. The EU found against Microsoft in the antitrust case because they buried so many nonstandard behavor in their products. In the 1990's I owned a Amiga 3000. It was so standard compliant that products like the ZIP disks that came out in 1998 four years after the company went under worked with the machine. That was an impressive operating system.

In April I loaded MS Office 2007. Now that I hate. The learning curve is proving to be long and steep to get it reconfigured into something that does not try to cut 25 points off of your IQ.

By TomZ on 4/30/2009 4:26:00 PM , Rating: 5
1. I still can't understand why people are so passionate about browsers. Caring about the browser is like going to an art museum and focusing on the frames around the paintings. Modern browsers are all about the same, and I can't even justify the small effort required to download, install, and maintain one browser, let alone multiple browsers.

2. If you are having such a struggle getting used to the Office 2007 user interface, then you really do have a problem. Sure, commands are in different places than the previous version - but that is because they are MORE ORGANIZED NOW. I'm no genius, but it really only took a few hours to get mostly familiar, and maybe a few days to get really familiar with the new interface. Now I am able to work much quicker because commands are quicker and easier to locate and use. It's not rocket science.

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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