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Government officials respond to attack on electrical grid infrastructure

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RE: government's answer....
By mdogs444 on 5/1/2009 8:26:19 AM , Rating: 2
He told Harry Reid he was a gifted speaker, that's the same thing as saying jimmy page was a gifted guitarist. Your retort is invalid.

Not unless Jimmy Page himself said he was the most gifted guitarist in the world.
Everyone on the internet has to bitch about something. Government officials aren't threatened by chat blogs.

I never claimed they were, nor do I believe in the Obamessiah. Merely stating that whether it be on the internet, in public, a rally, protest, etc is all a form of "putting up". By making your voice heard in one forum or another is using your free speech to tell what you do not agree with the direction we're taking in government.
Yours and my duty as a citizen don't end on election day. If you think that then no wonder government officials have walked all over this country. The day we stopped calling it "my government" or "our government" was the day we gave it permission to be this omnipotent force that seems intangible. You want to send a message to an elected official. Get a large group of people together outside the office of that official and hold signs that simply say "We didn't go away after election day" Just to remind them that you are the one that put them in the position and you can get them out. Every position has its procedure for ejection. If enough people actually cared you could get anything done.

First off, I didnt vote for Obama, I didnt back the stimulus packages of Bush or Obama, I dont favor any of the bailouts, and I hate the regressive taxation system and social programs.

I voiced my disgust by voting, by attending a tea party, and always voicing my opinion to others, as well as writing multiple letters to my governor and congressman (both liberal democrats, which probably don't even read my letters).

Outside of working my way up to run for office myself, there isn't much more I can do when the liberal crap, and this guilt/entitlement mentality is shoved down everyones throats.

RE: government's answer....
By Drexial on 5/1/2009 1:29:32 PM , Rating: 1
I never said you voted for Obama and didn't say you had to agree with anything. That's just even more the reason to stand outside the office of your officials and let them know. Not even for any particular cause. Just a reminder that your still there.

I feel a lot of people have a funny idea of what all this "entitlement" people are getting is. I cant speak for all places. But there is a lot of jumping through hoops for anything you consider "entitlement" in NY. Unemployment for starters is pretty easy to apply for but the LONGEST you can be on it is 1 year and that's only if you are a student. If you are not a student it only lasts 6 months of active job hunting. The only way to get is is if you lost your job, not if you quit or got fired for reasonable terms. I dunno about you but that has saved my as from layoffs. Now I am fully employed again. dunno about you but 6 months isn't exactly a free ride through life.

Food stamps is a bit more of a hand out. But when you are barely making enough to survive at a job it helps. It got me and my family through part of my childhood. Especially when my mom working and going back to school. (I'll have more on the usual "well then get a real job" response to minimum wage jobs later). The scrutiny of who gets food stamps and how they get them is changing. The used to be paper coupons that you would spend like cash. But the problem with this was people were exchanging them on the street for drugs and shit. The answer to this is a card that has your name and photo on it. This way you cant exchange it with someone else and it can only be accepted at the proper places.

Socialized health care. Always a good topic for the internets. I feel that the standards of business and profiting have no place when it comes to peoples health and well being.

fuck it I'm leaving on these posts.... if people don't understand the basics of supply and demand and don't understand that's exactly why capitalism is a failure then fuck it, I'm done on this site.... I cant understand how "free market" supporters don't see the flaw in the equation.

I am quitting do to half assed articles and the rediculous ability of everyone to turn this site into a constant political battle. AMD releases a new video card and somehow obama is the reason that the card doesn't perform the way it should. I don't even like obama.... but I am sick of hearing about him. He isn't the savior and he isn't the cause of the problems. HE CANT BE THE CAUSE OF PROBLEMS that have been in place for decades when he has been in office 3 damn months.

"When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song." -- Sony BMG attorney Jennifer Pariser

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