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New build hasn't been leaked to torrents -- yet

Microsoft's Windows 7 is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated tech products of the year.  Its beta builds have thus far showcased both polish and Microsoft's willingness to improve and take constructive criticism.  Microsoft has over 2,000 planned bug fixes for the Release Candidate phase, and recent builds have given users just a taste of the promising new OS's potential.

Hot on the heels of the leak of RC build 7077 to the torrent world earlier this month, Microsoft has delivered a major milestone build to OEM partners and TAP gold customers.  Microsoft reportedly compiled the new build, 7100.0.winmain_win7rc.090421-1700 (build 7100, for short), on Tuesday, and has already began distribution.

While some are likely eagerly awaiting the build to hit torrents, for home testing, Microsoft may actually beat leakers to the punch.  Microsoft announced via its Partners page plans to launch a semi-public distribution of the release candidate by May 5th to MSDN/TechNet customers.  The official release will invariably also be shared by these customers over torrent.  The 7100 build seems a likely target for the release.

There's potential, though, that the posting could be a mistake, as a Microsoft Online Chat Concierge spokesperson commented, "Currently the Windows 7 RC has not been available through the TechNet subscription yet, only the Microsoft OEM partners such as Dell, Siemens are taking part in the RC's this period of test."

Regardless, whenever DailyTech get its hands on release candidate 7100, a features update piece can be expected.  Until then, like the rest of community, we have to wait and see.

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RE: I can't wait
By mmntech on 4/23/2009 6:29:54 PM , Rating: 2
He does have a point. It was a poorly thought out product. ME was more of a bridge product than anything else. It was an "enhanced" version of Windows 98 much like Vista is an enhanced version of XP. Down to the nuts and bolts, XP and Vista are fundamentally similar. I think Vista's biggest flaw was trying to be too much and there were far too many sacrifices made in the process of developing it. Windows is and always has been a business OS. Vista missed the mark by not catering to their primary demographic. It was poorly marketed and suffered a lot of bad publicity; much of which was warranted.

Windows 7 represents some major changes though, particularly to the GUI. I've been using the beta on and off and it just feels more streamlined that Vista does. The real trick is going to be keeping those CPU cycles and ram usage down. If all goes well, I'll definitely upgrade my laptop to Windows 7 as soon as it comes out.

RE: I can't wait
By teldar on 4/23/2009 7:04:39 PM , Rating: 5
He doesn't really have a point.
ME and XP were different kernels.
ME was crap.
XP, with a SP, became MS's best OS ever.

RE: I can't wait
By pequin06 on 4/24/2009 11:49:35 AM , Rating: 2
Yes, there was a point.
Thank you mmntech for getting it.
Plus the other point that was cleary missed by the "uber leet" who are being WAY TO LITERAL

Demonstrating absurdly through absurdly, i.e.

People always say to not buy a pre-SP1 Windows OS because it is nothing but a public beta

RE: I can't wait
By Pirks on 4/24/2009 3:39:02 AM , Rating: 2
Vista is an enhanced version of XP

RE: I can't wait
By coolkev99 on 4/24/2009 7:24:32 AM , Rating: 2
Actually Vista and XP have much less in common than Vista and Win7.

Stability and usability being an entirely different matter.

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