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New build hasn't been leaked to torrents -- yet

Microsoft's Windows 7 is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated tech products of the year.  Its beta builds have thus far showcased both polish and Microsoft's willingness to improve and take constructive criticism.  Microsoft has over 2,000 planned bug fixes for the Release Candidate phase, and recent builds have given users just a taste of the promising new OS's potential.

Hot on the heels of the leak of RC build 7077 to the torrent world earlier this month, Microsoft has delivered a major milestone build to OEM partners and TAP gold customers.  Microsoft reportedly compiled the new build, 7100.0.winmain_win7rc.090421-1700 (build 7100, for short), on Tuesday, and has already began distribution.

While some are likely eagerly awaiting the build to hit torrents, for home testing, Microsoft may actually beat leakers to the punch.  Microsoft announced via its Partners page plans to launch a semi-public distribution of the release candidate by May 5th to MSDN/TechNet customers.  The official release will invariably also be shared by these customers over torrent.  The 7100 build seems a likely target for the release.

There's potential, though, that the posting could be a mistake, as a Microsoft Online Chat Concierge spokesperson commented, "Currently the Windows 7 RC has not been available through the TechNet subscription yet, only the Microsoft OEM partners such as Dell, Siemens are taking part in the RC's this period of test."

Regardless, whenever DailyTech get its hands on release candidate 7100, a features update piece can be expected.  Until then, like the rest of community, we have to wait and see.

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RE: I can't wait
By mattclary on 4/23/2009 3:31:39 PM , Rating: 2
Vista was SP1. I am using 7 and it kicks butt.

RE: I can't wait
By aftlizard on 4/23/2009 3:37:42 PM , Rating: 3
I thought about saying that but the difference in usability and performance between the two is so different that Vista almost seems like a alpha build in comparison.

**FWIW I like Vista but so far I LOVE 7.

RE: I can't wait
By ggordonliddy on 4/24/09, Rating: -1
RE: I can't wait
By PAPutzback on 4/23/2009 4:16:36 PM , Rating: 5
I wouldn't say it kicks butt in my case. I guess it depends on what people use it for. I am using it on my HTPC. And the software that was developed for Vista doesn't work so well on 7. We just got decent drivers from ATI last month. But I still have the occasional BSOD. LAst night when I went to shutdown it prompted me to close some apps that were still running. abotu 5 seconds later BSOD. Maybe it was the ATI driver as the message screen was an overlay. Then you have Arcsoft TMT3 being a little behind. You can't change your DPI settings to without affecting playback. So my options are to have tiny icons and menus on a 60in dlp or have to switch back and forth between 100 and 150% each time I want to watch a movie. Because at 150 Arcsoft renders the movie at only 66% of the screen.

But I am using the offical version and not the leaks, so maybe you are having better luck than me. One thing for sure is that the mpeg decoder has been improved. DVD and analog TV looks a lot better. Analog TV isn't as good as the TV tuner but it is tolerable.

RE: I can't wait
By aftlizard on 4/23/2009 4:22:55 PM , Rating: 2
Make sure you report those things.

My Ati drivers work great(9.3) and 7MC works fine except that doesn't work, however there is a way to register components individually for it I heard. As far as ArcSoft I can't tell you much, they are just slow. TMT just doesn't run that well in 7, I should uninstall it and run it in Vista compatability mode.

RE: I can't wait
By Souka on 4/23/2009 6:54:11 PM , Rating: 4
No need to report....all the RC candidates send tons of data back to MS... I have this first hand info from a Windows 7 QA/dev.

If the Win7 OS can see an internet connection, it'll be sending lots of info back to MS period...

RE: I can't wait
By luceri on 4/28/2009 9:22:36 AM , Rating: 2
yeah this thing is phoning home constantly. my firewall goes off for permission once every 15 minutes nonstop to send something to microsoft. I just perma-allowed it, hopefully they can make it as good as possible. Just send the bugs when programs crash. They likely have a database of how frequently a program crashes... if your program crashes a bunch of times, that'll get higher priority to be looked into, so still send the automated crash reports that W7 automatically generates for ya.

RE: I can't wait
By luceri on 4/28/2009 9:30:58 AM , Rating: 2
It almost always prompts to close some apps for me, but it's more just an instant force close feature to speed up shutdown that's optional -- the apps always shut down quickly and computer is in the "Your PC is shutting down" or whatever within 10 seconds, so it's not like a freeze. Maybe what you're experiencing is different though.

I don't use arcsoft, but I do watch bluray movies hooked up to my receiver via hdmi which is then sent to the TV. I will say, no Windows in history has functioned as well with dual display. It just instantly recognizes my television/receiver properly the first time everytime. Vista NEVER did this, XP was horrible at this.

I think bottom line it's improving and once we give the third party software developers some time to catch up things will be great. Just using basic stuff like klite codec pack then running mkv's through WMP has never functioned better for me.

We do have similar setups though. My PC is connected to a DLP as well and I'm using ATI drivers. If there's any way I can help just let me know what to test and I'll tell you the results. Using build 7068 right now.

RE: I can't wait
By thartist on 4/29/2009 12:38:02 AM , Rating: 2
in general it works so well and is so widely accepted, that people tend to forget that it's just a RC and criticize it with the harshness that a final RTM should get.

interesting phenomenom.

RE: I can't wait
By ggordonliddy on 4/23/09, Rating: -1
RE: I can't wait
By probedb on 4/24/2009 4:58:27 AM , Rating: 5
Go back to DOS....

RE: I can't wait
By Finnkc on 4/24/09, Rating: -1
RE: I can't wait
By ggordonliddy on 4/24/09, Rating: -1
RE: I can't wait
By Starcub on 4/24/2009 3:59:56 PM , Rating: 2
One tiny example: After coping files into a folder, instead of them being listed at the bottom like in XP, they immediately get sorted so you can't see which ones are the copied files. And there are many others.

Win 7 is supposed to be based on Vista and you can easily change the sort criteria to just about anything in Vista. I suspect many of your problems are the result of changes that you haven't adapted to.

RE: I can't wait
By ggordonliddy on 4/30/2009 11:08:56 AM , Rating: 2
You are truly a moron. The sort criteria does not affect the bug I was talking about. You are just the kind of dumb@ss use that is too ignorant to notice all of the problems.

RE: I can't wait
By Starcub on 5/2/2009 5:52:55 PM , Rating: 2
So hit the date sort criteria, and voila -- problem solved. You don't even have to be a rocket scientist to do it!

RE: I can't wait
By Akrovah on 4/24/2009 4:19:25 PM , Rating: 5
Because the Mac OS can't run the $1000s plus in software that I already own.

Because I like to build my computers myself and don't want to be told what hardware/software I should want.

Because when I have a fresh OS install I want it to have an OS and drivers, not a bunch of preloaded crap that I will never use (Windows is not exactly great in this department either, but it is alot better if you don't buy from an OEM)

Because I don't want to pay inflated prices for previously said hardware.

"It's okay. The scenarios aren't that clear. But it's good looking. [Steve Jobs] does good design, and [the iPad] is absolutely a good example of that." -- Bill Gates on the Apple iPad

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