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2010 Toyota Prius

2010 Honda Insight
Base Prius gets a $1,000 price cut

The most popular hybrid car on the market is the Toyota Prius. The Prius has been around for a decade now and Toyota is getting set to launch a new and larger Prius for 2010 that offers an increased feature set and better fuel economy. One early road test showed that the 2010 Prius achieved 52.5 mpg.

Toyota is going to be pricing the third-generation 2010 Prius to better compete with Honda's new Insight hybrid. The Insight carries a base MSRP of $19,800, undercutting the 2009 Prius selling for a base MSRP of $22,000. However, the 2010 Prius I will carry an MSRP of $21,000 which helps to close the gap between the two hybrids. The 2010 Prius will be offered in five trim levels with the II, III, IV, and V coming in at $22,000, $23,000, $25,800, and $27,720 respectively.

Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division, expects the $22,000 Prius II to be the most popular model for consumers. “This model provides more than $2,000 added value, including the features most buyers want, at the same price as the current base model,” said Carter.

Standalone options will include an $1,800 Navigation Package, $3,600 Solar Roof Package (includes Navigation Package), and a $4,500 Advanced Technology Package (Navigation Package plus Radar Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System, Lane Keep Assist, and Intelligent Parking Assist).

The Insight is rated at 41mpg combined for city and highway driving, while the larger new Prius is rated at 50 mpg combined and is classified as a mid-size car offering more space than the Honda.

The economy is hurting sales of all vehicles, including the Prius and other hybrid automobiles. Through Q1 of 2009, the Prius sold 24,277 units, a 43% drop from the same quarter last year. The Insight hit the market in March and sold 569 since then.

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By mindless1 on 4/22/2009 12:45:20 AM , Rating: 1
If life is not full of art and beauty, what is the point? One need not be insecure to appreciate the finer things in life even if that doesn't mean caviar and mercedes, even without these the world is a better place because of individual expression, and style.

It might even be said that an insecure person is one who is afraid to display their style in cars as well as other areas of life because they don't want to attract attention.

The batteries are certainly an issue, because you have to drive the car that long to recoup the higher cost per the car you're getting, and if the all too often cited benefit of higher resale value is included in car value, you must consider battery replacement as a cost of maintenance because if it's a good car it should last more than 8 years. Not everyone totals their car within 8 years regardless of whose fault it was.

If you'd rather drive a Prius, great then that they make them, that is your subjective decision yet other people have other priorities that could easily make them claim some other car is crap from their perspective.

By tmouse on 4/22/2009 8:15:13 AM , Rating: 3
Yes but if you define your sexuality by the car you drive that's purely insecurity; not an appreciation of the finer things in life.

By Spuke on 4/22/2009 2:19:34 PM , Rating: 1
Yes but if you define your sexuality by the car you drive that's purely insecurity
There are many things that people use to determine their sexuality. If someone chooses to include cars then that's fine by me. And it may be insecurity but what other things are we insecure about that have nothing to do with cars?

In short, I could care less what he uses to determine his sexuality and I could care less if he's insecure because most of us here have a plank or two in our own eyes.

By mindless1 on 4/23/2009 12:57:17 AM , Rating: 2
Apples and oranges.

The thing does not define the sexuality, the sexuality causes different choices.

Men may not define their sexuality by not wearing pink, but generally their sexual identity as well as cultural stereotypes will result in not many men choosing to wear pink, beyond a dress shirt if that.

Do you not accept that in healthy people their gender will cause them to make different choices? Is not a car a choice?

I would expect that studies have also shown that even within the same sex, things like testosterone levels effect the choices men make, and it would be reasonable to think testosterone plays a role in sexuality.

The old cliche' that a car is a substitute for lack of something else can be true, but it can as easily be people trying to find some reason to insult others, trying to feel better about themselves because they have a pathetic car.

Smart, healthy, intelligent people simply choose better cars. Perhaps I should mention money too, this group of people tends to have more money on average so we might say others would buy the nicer cars too if they could afford to.

By tmouse on 4/23/2009 7:59:57 AM , Rating: 2
Please, let's not try to place the comment of the OP in a "purely intellectual" rarified atmosphere. This comment is clearly not one of sexual dimorphic choice but an insulting, biased, homophobic statement. What about a Prius can even be remotely connected to being a homosexual? Its shape? Many cars are fugly; that's somewhat of the result of trying to reach a compromise between aerodynamics and mass production. I do not own one, nor for that matter am I gay but I, for one, cannot see how one would "look like a homo if you're driving one of these things". My statement was directed directly at the OP, I find it difficult to believe any rational person reading that comment could not see gross sexual insecurity in the commenter. Are they saying they would change their sexual preference by driving one? Is the opinion of others that crucial that one HAS to constantly "prove" their sexuality by common things like transportation? I'm not saying society does not stereotype items like cars as being "manly" like big honking muscle cars. But things do change. 10 years ago auto racing like Nascar was considered, by most a "mans" sport now there are many women who follow it with no stigma of being "manly". An, albeit, quick scan of Pubmed does not show any studies supporting your conjecture on a correlation between testosterone and purchase decisions. A discussion with some of my colleagues in the department of psychiatry resulted in an almost unanimous agreement that these decisions are almost exclusively sociologically driven. As a matter of fact many men get bigger cars as they get older, part of this is due to the ability to have more disposable income but the biological facts are that a man's testosterone level begins to drop around 19. I have several cars ranging from a conservative car for my 130 mile daily commute to a high end sports car so this was not a case of "trying to find some reason to insult others, trying to feel better about themselves because they have a pathetic car". I'm surprised that you would feel that a person who would express his dislike for a car model with the comment "I'm not gay - My ass is!" is a Smart, healthy, intelligent person.

By Alexstarfire on 4/23/2009 4:29:50 AM , Rating: 2
I'm not saying that cars will be totaled within 8 years, just that mine happened to be.

You can't really say anything about the batteries as of yet since 98%, if not more, of them have not needed to be replaced yet. But yes, the cost is quite large if they do need to be replaced.

By usbseawolf2000 on 4/26/2009 12:39:29 PM , Rating: 2

"The batteries are certainly an issue, because you have to drive the car that long to recoup the higher cost per the car you're getting , and if the all too often cited benefit of higher resale value is included in car value, you must consider battery replacement as a cost of maintenance because if it's a good car it should last more than 8 years."

Recoup the cost for tons hybrid premium features? Hybrid premium features comes with premium price. It is a steal to have so many new features for a few extra grand!

When do you recoup V6 premium price? How about Leather? How about automatic transmission? I could go on and on but the answer is never. Just because hybrid-only premium features save gas and money, most "keyboard hybrid experts" are not aware of the premium features.

I bet you've never own or driven a FULL hybrid. Here is a list off my head:

- No need to warm up the car. Thermo bottle retain heat from the last shutdown.
- Instant torque make the car feel well connected to the road. No more over-accelerating and force you to control the speed with brakes
- The Brake pad will last the life of the car
- Instant power response makes highway passing a pleasure. No need to wait for the downshift.
- 8" touch screen is a pleasure to use with backup camera
- Smart Key unlocks the door at the moment you grab the door handle. Enter the car and press the Start button. When you leave, press the button on the door to lock. No need to take out the key.
- Navigation with bluetooth connection the cell phones
- Open garage door with a press of button on the rear view mirror (HomeLink)
- "Energy Star" quiet and smart electric A/C. This smart A/C has 5 sensors (temp, solar, humidity, etc..)
- Priceless silence when the engine shuts down.
- Priceless feel of accelerating with no gas engine noise (EV mode)
- Instant brake response even after 94k miles, without added pedal travel (Thanks to regen braking)

Some of the features I listed are also available in Luxury cars. I included them because economy cars without those features were used to compare price with Prius.

HV battery has 3-4 times longer warranty than gasoline engine or automatic transmission. When the car is 10 years old or 150,000 miles, do you recoup the cost by replacing with a new engine or tranny? The question you are asking about the HV battery does not make much sense.

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