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Kotaku uncovers new games lent to employees are sold as new

Kotaku has revealed that game distributor GameStop is selling used games as new. New games shipped to GameStop stores are lent out to employees and once returned are sold at full price. Kotaku confirmed this practice is taking place companywide after contacting store managers and employees across the United States who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The written version of GameStop’s check-out policy was provided to Kotaku and verified by GameStop employees.  The policy can be read in full in the Kotaku article. The highlights of the policy state, “Associates are allowed to check out one item of store merchandise for personal use for up to four days. Associates may only check out items from the store in which they work. If the product is returned in unsellable condition, or if anything is missing from the package, or if the product is not returned, the Associate must purchase the product at the current price less Associate discount.”

The last point reveals GameStop fully intends to resell the used software. The process involves taking new games out of the packaging and placing the empty boxes on display shelves. The games that have been opened are then lent out to employees and still sold as new once returned. GameStop gets around customers who question why the game is not sealed by stating it is a display copy leaving out the fact the games may be used.

Kotaku’s sources have revealed it is against official company policy to provide Shop Worn Discounts to the games lent out to employees. The policy states, "Do not apply Shop Worn Discounts to any new, used or checked out games, it may only be applied for damaged packaging and new accessories which have been opened.

In the past, games such as Call of Duty 4 have been sold with cards in the packaging that contained redemption codes for additional map packs. GameStop’s policy would have placed customers at risk of receiving a copy of the game with the redemption code missing or already used.

In its investigation, Kotaku contacted the Federal Trade Commission to determine if GameStop is violating the law. They also had Mark Methenitis an attorney at Dallas based The Vernon Law Group provide his input on this issue.

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RE: This might be a good thing.
By Hiawa23 on 4/14/2009 8:18:27 AM , Rating: 2
After accepting the 360, what's left to defend, right? Who cares who is ripping me off, right?

There, I finished your statement for you. At least, that was my interpretation.

This folks, is an actual example of the dumbing down of the modern consumer. Getting ripped off is now acceptable.

You don't mind if the cook spits in your food. You still get to eat for cheap, right?

A cook spits in your food, LOL? what is this a teen response? Talking about videogames here, not the same thing at all.

Your statement is nonsense. Don't label me, no one has dumbed anything down. I make my decisions based on me. I have not accepted the 360, as mine has been fine & I have two of them, one repaired back in June 08, fine since, no probs out of my newer one, so not sure how you arrived at getting ripped off is acceptable, cause it's not. Shop elsewhere like I and many others do. I have not been ripped off as the 360 has been a better gaming value for me than than the PS3 & Wii combined & I own them all, but not surprised how some start with either the labeling or teen like name calling if someone disagrees. I rarely buy games from GS, so not really an issue for me, & the ones I did buy & it was the last copy, I respectfully told the guy behind the counter, if he did not have a new sealed copy, then I did not want the copy that he took out of the drawer & tried to sell as new to me, so I will respectfully disagree, as I have not been ripped off at all. God bless!

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