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We saw Intel's plans for quad core CPUs at IDF; now the company has confirmed we will see the new CPUs next year

A few weeks ago at the Intel Developer Forum we got a taste of Intel's quad-core Kentsfield along with the Core architecture briefing.  As of last week, this quad-core Conroe successor finally showed up on the Intel corporate roadmaps.  The CPU will get its first taste of daylight as an Intel Extreme Edition processor in early 2007.

Kentsfield will still be a 65nm processor on the Intel Core platform, and work with existing 975X motherboards that already support Conroe.  Due to the different voltage requirements on Conroe/Kentsfield, the first batch of 975X motherboards manufactured before January of 2006 need a different voltage regulation module (VRM) to support Core processors.  However, engineers have confirmed to us the P965, Q965 and G965 motherboards -- slated for release within the next few months -- will support Kentsfield without any problems. 

Kentsfield will feature two distinct dice on the same packaging; the chip will essentially be two Conroe cores stuck together, as pictured here.

AMD's K8L platform is also expected to support quad core processing, but the actual launch dates for that platform have not been confirmed yet.

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RE: 975X Conroe Compatibility
By peternelson on 3/27/2006 11:42:13 PM , Rating: 2
Seems to be contradiction here

" with EXISTING 975X motherboards THAT ALREADY support Conroe. Due to the different voltage requirements on Conroe/Kentsfield, the FIRST BATCH of 975X motherboards MANUFACTURED BEFORE JANUARY of 2006 need a different voltage regulation module (VRM) to support Core processors."

versus "NONE OF THE CURRENT (that I know of) 975 boards.."


The ONLY board capable that I know of at the moment (not all since January) is the non-available non-retail specially modded badaxe board shown at IDF.

The article implies that I can buy any 975X board since January and it will work with Conroe. By the way which particular day in January do you think is crucial ;-)

The problem is....

I can't buy an AMD board until AM2 are in the marketplace.
I can't buy an Intel board until conroe-ready boards are in the marketplace.

So I can't have a new computer and I NEED one. Even one of each of the above. GRRRRR.

It is likely that AMD June 6th launch will happen before Intel clearly communicate their nextgen board requirements. From past experience that seems to happen AFTER the processor is released, which in the case of Conroe is AGES away.

RE: 975X Conroe Compatibility
By Viditor on 3/28/2006 12:31:03 AM , Rating: 2
So I can't have a new computer and I NEED one. Even one of each of the above. GRRRRR

I wouldn't count on getting a Conroe chip very quickly either...the RUMOURS (note the emphasis) I've been hearing are that Conroe will be a slow ramp for this year and gain speed early next year. It's quite possible that supply will be very limited (like it was for Prescott at launch) for the first quarter.
On the flip side, AM2 chips are supposed to be in large quantities of inventory already. This was the reason that AMD delayed 65nm for the desktop.
If you can wait until November or so, then Conroe will certainly be an option...otherwise it will probably be June and AM2.
Of course, if you need it now then AMD 939 is the only option...

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