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Wii console sales are now above 50 million globally

Nintendo has been making a big push with its WiiWare game and application download service for the Wii. Over 200 programs have been developed, although most are not available in North America or Europe.

One of the biggest complaints has been the lack of storage available. The Wii only has 512 MB of internal NAND flash storage, and many of Nintendo's best WiiWare customers were forced to transfer their programs onto 2GB SD cards or delete unused programs in order to make room for new ones.

While all programs that were bought are available for redownloading later, the inconvenience and awkwardness of the experience left many customers disappointed.

Nintendo has now released System Menu 4.0, a major update to the Wii's operating system. It now supports SDHC cards up to a maximum of 32GB, integrating it into the Wii so that Virtual Console or WiiWare games can be played directly off external flash storage.

There is a new SD Card menu accessible from the main menu, next to the Wii button. It was designed to facilitate transfers of files and Channels between the Wii console and SD or SDHC cards.

One of the fastest cards SDHC cards available is the SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition. It is available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 GB versions. There are many cheap SD and SDHC cards available, but many users are choosing faster flash storage rather than large capacities. Most of the fastest SDHC cards are used for digital cameras, and users who are purchasing larger and faster storage may have several cards leftover that they can use as storage for the Wii.

Sales of the Wii console have exceeded 50 million globally, while the Wii Fit has sold over 15 million units.

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RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By Parhel on 3/27/2009 10:34:42 AM , Rating: 3
Who cares how much "tech" you got for your money? How much fun did you have for the money? It's a game console, after all.

Besides, MS makes their money in other ways. Why let the customer use a $50 32GB SD card (which will cost $10 in a year or two,) when they can sell you a proprietary hard drive for $150. Want wireless? That'll be $100 too.

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By B3an on 3/27/09, Rating: -1
RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By MrSmurf on 3/27/2009 10:48:30 AM , Rating: 2
Then you shouldn't have bought it (or don't buy it)!

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By xti on 3/27/2009 10:52:13 AM , Rating: 2
save the money, buy more friends.

By kellehair on 3/27/2009 10:56:30 AM , Rating: 2
Do you buy a game console for the tech, or to have fun? By your logic the PS3 should be the best selling console because it has the most tech. Obviously that's the opposite of reality.

"It needs to be around half the price."

Why? So they can sell 100 million instead of 50 million?

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By The0ne on 3/27/2009 11:56:43 AM , Rating: 2
I'm confuse. When you refer to "tech" you mean the latest and greatest? The PS3 is the latest and greatest of it's tech? NO. XBOX360, NO. Wii, NO. So really, what are you referring to?

The Cell processor? That's old tech, years old.
The hard drive?
The BD drive? umm...that's old too
The video card? umm...that's old, old, old

And "obsolete" in the tech world means the part is no longer being made and you can't buy it from any markets, even gray/black markets. Wii does not fit the category.

By zerocool84 on 3/27/2009 5:25:09 PM , Rating: 1
Woah man you need to chill. So if the Wii is obsolete, so the PS3 and 360 must be as well cus there is much better hardware available. I thought games were supposed to be about how fun they are, not how good they look? People get hung up on graphics so much now-a-days it's ridiculous. I own a Wii, 360, and a fairly good PC and I just play whatever games are the most fun. Graphics are one of the last things I look at when purchasing a new game.

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By xti on 3/27/2009 10:51:28 AM , Rating: 4
its like...we cant go 1 Wii story without someone bringing up the 'old hardware' angle.

yeah, yeah. no one cares.

nothing beats drunk wii sports baseball trying to hit the change up after 2 fastballs inside... and the last thing you trying to understand is why the guy with no legs isnt in 1080p.

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By xti on 3/27/2009 10:53:13 AM , Rating: 2
oh, and while trying to immitate big papi's batting stance.

RE: So the Wii catches up to 2007?
By gmyx on 3/27/2009 11:03:51 AM , Rating: 2
LOL - Good one there.

While I haven't play WII Sports drunk (yet), the game play is just not the same with other consoles.

That is what made me get the WII. I don't care about the graphics, they are good enough. To me game play beat 'lesser' graphics any day. I plan on getting a few more games soon.

By Jimbo1234 on 3/27/2009 1:49:26 PM , Rating: 2
Wii Sports bowling is easier with a little "aiming fluid" from particular 12 ounce containers.

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