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To say Bethesda's new Fallout 3 DLC, "The Pitt", is bug-ridden is a bit of an understatement. The terrain is filled with errors, as seen here, and sections of the environment yield almost instant crashes on all versions.  (Source:
Fallout 3 gamers voice their frustration about the botched release

Bethesda typically puts together solid entries, when it comes to its RPG games.  The Elder Scrolls series are best sellers, and its latest RPG, Fallout 3 is a certifiable hit.  The company has also made a great deal of income off its expansion packs for its RPGs.  While some of these packs have met with mixed reviews, they were at least relatively bug-free.  However, the company's excellent track record hit a snag Tuesday with the release of the latest Fallout DLC, The Pitt.

After a month-long delay, the content was released just after midnight.  Within hours of posting users began to complain of encountering curious floating diamonds with exclamation points in them, as soon as they began trying to explore the environment of their $10 purchase.  Turns out, the terrain was so botched and filled with bugs that it’s virtually unexplorable.

Bethesda promptly pulled the content off Xbox Live and issued the statement:

We are continuing to look into the issues people are experiencing with The Pitt for Xbox 360. As of now it looks like the file for the English version on Xbox Live was somehow corrupted. We are currently working with Microsoft to remove the existing file off of Live to prevent any further downloads. Our plan is to replace it with a new file as soon as possible. We hope to have another update for you shortly.

While it would be bad enough if the Xbox 360 version was the only broken file, it also appears that the PC version is badly flawed.  PC users are complaining of numerous crashes and lockups.  Many are saying that whenever you enter the central section of the new environment, you're virtually guaranteed a crash.

At this time the PC content remains posted.  Users are cautioned to download at their own risk -- for now your $10 may buy a broken addition.  Bethesda is left scrambling to repair this embarrassing mar on their track record like a Wastelander running from a Deathclaw.

Update:  The Windows Live version has now also been pulled due to the vast number of glitches.  Bethesda and Microsoft are working to release a non-glitched version which they say should be posted sometime today.

Update 2: Initial reports that the Windows Live version was pulled were incorrect, according to a Bethesda spokesperson.  The Xbox 360 Version is now posted on Xbox Live for your enjoyment.  The Fallout Wikia reports that while some of the bugs are fixed in the new version, there are still a number of assorted errors that range from humorous to serious.  The terrain mapping continues to give problems and one bug is reported to corrupt your saves, so watch out.

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Not Shocked
By gamerk2 on 3/25/2009 8:04:20 AM , Rating: 2
I STILL can't get past walking to daddy in FO3 on the PC. (And trust me, I've ruled out my PC; I tested for over 3 months on 3 clean OS installs.)

Considering all the known issues the game has, why is it a shock when a add-on doesn't even romotely work right?

RE: Not Shocked
By wolv92388 on 3/25/09, Rating: 0
RE: Not Shocked
By Digimonkey on 3/25/2009 10:19:43 AM , Rating: 3
While I know the game came with it's fair share of bugs, I don't see how you ruled out your PC being the problem by wiping the OS 3 times. It can still be faulty hardware, especially since crashing while first starting out in the vault doesn't seem common at all.

RE: Not Shocked
By ImEmmittSmith on 3/25/2009 11:30:01 AM , Rating: 2
I would say that it is a video driver problem. I have played thru 3 times and have had little problems. Only crashes I get are on startup and then I restart and all is fine. The last Nvidia driver update caused me lots of grief and had to uninstall and re-install older drivers to get FO3 working again. Seems the last video drivers are not very stable in FO3.

Best of Luck!

RE: Not Shocked
By FranksAndBeans on 3/25/2009 12:01:30 PM , Rating: 2
FO3 PC user here too.

My CTD's range from every 2 minutes to rather inconsistent ones up to a few hours apart based upon all the graphics settings.

I have a 4870 which I bought partially due to FO3... and while it will run it smoothly with all settings maxed... CTD's happen almost constantly that way. Moving down to the 2nd highest setting reduced them instantly to just every now and then.

The situation is totally unacceptable in my opinion but I still bought the game and still enjoyed it so Beth wins.

I can't imagine buying a Beth game for a console. Having access to the PC console at least means you have a fighting chance at workarounds.

Not to mention I find the game 100% more enjoyable with movement speed upped 50%-75% which is more realistic. It's way too slow by default. That alone killed the console versions for me.

Anyone who's tried FO3 only on consoles owes it to themselves to see this in action on a PC before buying...

RE: Not Shocked
By oab on 3/26/2009 10:27:02 AM , Rating: 2
Apparently the huge amounts of crashes when it first came out were in large part related to sound drivers .... which were fixed (not completely) with the release of a a new GFWL version and patches for the game itself.

Try getting new soundcard drivers.

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