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ATI Radeon 4890 shows its face

DailyTech has been able to "acquire" an ATI Radeon HD 4890 video card from one of our sources. Although we don't disclose names in order to protect our sources, we are able to say that the card arrived from Taiwan.

The Radeon HD 4890 features the RV790 core, which we are able to confirm runs at a core clock of 850MHz. We have heard that it is capable of more, but that will be up to individual board partners. The chip is not just an overclocked RV770, as there are a few tweaks and modifications that we are still investigating.

The card also features 1GB of memory via eight GDDR5 chips from Qimonda, which declared insolvency in January. The reference card we have is set to 3900 MHz effective, and we expect most of ATI's board partners to do the same. This provides 124.8 GB/s of bandwidth.

Samsung could emerge as a source for GDDR5 chips if Qimonda is forced to halt production. It recently announced 50nm production of GDDR5 chips, which it claimed was capable of 7 Gb/s.

Pricing and launch dates are still being adjusted at this time. AMD recently tried to lower prices on its Radeon 4870 and 4850 cards, but its board partners believe that the performance of the Radeon 4870 is too good  to lower prices further.

The Radeon 4890 will probably be priced moderately above the 4870, but still far below NVIDIA's GTX 280. The GTX 280 should not be confused with the mobile GTX 280M part, which is actually a rebadged GTS 250/9800 GTX+.

There are new drivers coming out next week that will have increased performance for the Radeon 4890 cards, which will invalidate all current benchmarks that have leaked out

More details will be unveiled next week at the Game Developers Conference. DailyTech will be testing the card this weekend.

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RE: Please, please, please
By christojojo on 3/19/2009 5:37:46 PM , Rating: 2
plonk420 said, "why not test those SEPARATELY, as well as the GPU/CPU-crushing FutureMark? Epic/ID, and especially Valve are far from bleeding edge. and everyone "feels" that Crysis/et al are far from efficiently programmed... "


inperfectdarkness said, "i'd rather see a benchmark of the serious engine & the lithtech engine; rather than id's POS."

So what you two are saying is only test game engines that are Coded perfectly and only sold by certain companies?

That makes perfect sense when you talk about "wonderfully coded for console" games like Call of Duty World of barely going ten minutes before crashing" and the like. Yep these days of console ports and and Beta gold it definitely is wise to only target test on games that are perfectly coded.

Seriously, the games tested should be on games that we as hobbyists and professionals can show our non tech friends and family performance on games they play too.

If we are going for perfection of my own personal flavor they might as well stop at testing Dark Forces and Outlaws.

I am sorry for the rude reply but reading the ideal tests with dream games makes as much sense as fake benchmarks.

RE: Please, please, please
By The0ne on 3/19/2009 7:41:41 PM , Rating: 4
While I agree with your statements there still has to be a point where one draws the line when one encounters a game like Crysis. It is a good example of how poorly this game was coded although the end result are good. So you have all other games run 50fps and this one game alone runs at a mere 10fps due to? And it's look prettier how? And it's a good/great/so-so game even though...??

So really, when put into various perspectives Crysis shouldn't be use as a benchmark at all. All it tells you is that the game is so crappy it'll take several generations of video hardware advancement to be playing at higher fps. Are you really benchmarking the video hardware or are you benchmarking how poorly this game is to be able to bring down video cards that run any other games out there just fine.

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