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Fujitsu's FLEPia eBook reader, only half an inch thick, comes with an XGA color screen, expandable memory, BlueTooth, a full install of Windows, and a 40 hour battery life. It's available, only in Japan, for a staggering $1,010 US, but given its features seems like to be a hit even at this price.  (Source: Engadget)
Fujitsu new eBook reader is easy on the eyes and hard on the wallet

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No Thanks
By callmeroy on 3/18/2009 4:23:36 PM , Rating: 5
You folks are either rich, insane or very very very very into the "must have the latest tech toy so I can brag about it" crowd.

$1 grand for a ebook reader? You won't be able to do much with it -- it doesn't have the processing power for anything that complex.

also black and white is actually easier on the eyes for long term reading --- color displays will make you more prone to get a headache and induce eye strain faster than black and white will at the same font or resolution.

I think Kindles are insane too for the price.

Its all novelty crap being bought by folks who just HAVE to have new toys.

Well the majority anyway, I can see a valid reason for someone who travels a lot and is a very avid reader why they'd like a Kindle.

both units are too expensive for what they offer.

But that's just my humble opinion.

I'll stick with buying paper backs for now.

RE: No Thanks
By afkrotch on 3/18/2009 8:12:23 PM , Rating: 2
I think they're looking at this for more than just black and white books. Like color magazines.

I use the Sony eReader. I use it 5 days out of the week. Throw manga on and take it with me to work. Also make four international flights across the Atlantic or Pacific each year.

If National Geographic put out a color ebook version of their magazine, I'd be all over this color ebook. Save me a lot of money and space too.

RE: No Thanks
By wordsworm on 3/19/2009 1:09:12 AM , Rating: 2
You know what I think is insane? People who pay $5000 for a computer just so they can play Crysis at the highest settings possible, and do so every year so that they can have the latest and greatest at all times.

Or, people who buy a car every year or two.

Now, I took a look for Milton's Paradise Lost on Amazon and it sells for $10-20. I'm into the classics - maybe you're not. In any case, after you buy about 30-40 books for $10 each, you're at $300-400. Want to bring your library with you on your flight? Well, now you can.

I understand why you wouldn't want to pay $300-1010 for an ebook reader. Neither do I. But, for those who have money to burn, it's pretty easy to see why they pay for these devices.

RE: No Thanks
By afkrotch on 3/19/2009 1:23:50 PM , Rating: 2
Sony gives you 100 free classical books with a purchase of an ebook. I only grabbed "Taming of the Shrew" and "War and Peace". Maybe I'll grab a few more later. I also got some torrents of all my Tom Clancy books. I usually rebuy those books every couple years, as I read them over and over again. They get tore up. No need to worry about that anymore.

Think I'm on my 5th copy of Rainbow Six and 3rd copy of Red Storm Rising. Not sure which copy of Jurassic Park I'm on. Been reading that one over and over again since the movie first released.

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