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2010 Honda Insight gets priced

Honda's Insight has been making the rounds here at DailyTech for quite some time. The vehicle first made an appearance as a concept car at the 2008 Paris Auto Show and was revealed in production form at the Detroit Auto Show.

Ever since the vehicle was first announced, Honda batted around the idea of releasing the vehicle in the U.S. with a price tag below $19,000. Today, however, Honda announced the official starting price of the Insight and it will actually be priced just below $20,000.

The 2010 Honda Insight LX will have a base price of $19,800 -- this compares to a $22,000 base price for the standard 2009 Toyota Prius. The next trim level is the Insight EX which will be priced at $21,300. Those that wish to have integrated GPS will have to part with $23,100.

The Honda Insight uses a 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine paired with the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system. The vehicle is EPA rated at 40 MPG in the city and 43 MPG on the highway.

The 2010 Honda Insight will face stiff competition from Toyota's third generation Prius. The 2010 Prius will launch later this year and will have an EPA combined rating of 50 MPG.

It is not known if Toyota will lower the price of entry of the new Prius to combat the Insight in the U.S. It's possible that Toyota may take a page from its Japanese strategy and offer the current Prius at a lower price and maintain the 2010 model as a "premium" offering.

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Why so ugly?
By Spivonious on 3/10/2009 1:36:02 PM , Rating: 3
If Ford can make the Fusion hybrid get 40+mpg, why did Honda make the Insight so ugly?

RE: Why so ugly?
By therealnickdanger on 3/10/2009 1:37:55 PM , Rating: 2
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but my eye is the same as yours. ;-)

RE: Why so ugly?
By quiksilvr on 3/10/2009 1:39:25 PM , Rating: 2
Because they're stupid. This cuts down on the Coefficient of Drag, but for some odd reason, the efficiency remains the same...SO WHY DID THEY MAKE IT LOOK ALL PRIUSY? Because apparently consumers relate to hybrids as that shape.

RE: Why so ugly?
By A Stoner on 3/10/2009 1:51:41 PM , Rating: 2
That is total bullshit, it does not have a Coefficient of Drag benifit to have that crappy shape. If you want to have a perfect CoD car, it would look like a drop of water as shown, not in real life. big bulb at front that tapers to a point at the rear. What the Prius and this car does is cut off the back of the car and this cause far more drag. It is style, plain and simple, and my eye says it looks horrible, and that is because anyone with working analytical brains can tell that the car form is designed poorly. Tigers look beautiful because their form fits exactly what their role in the wild is, fast and deadly. Prius and this car look terrible because their form is exactly opposed to what their role is on the highway, which is fuel economy, but in a shape built for increased drag.

RE: Why so ugly?
By ShapeGSX on 3/10/2009 6:01:54 PM , Rating: 4
Actually, cutting off the end of a tear drop shape has been found to still allow air to converge nearly the same way as a tear drop.

This is called the Kamm effect. And essentially, you can end up saving weight by eliminating the full taper, while still getting the benefit of air converging cleanly.

You can read about it here:

RE: Why so ugly?
By SpaceJumper on 3/10/2009 1:58:33 PM , Rating: 3
I own a Honda Civic Hybrid. My best MPG was 58MPG. It is all depending how you utilize the kinetic energy and acceleration efficiency. People will shoot me if I drive 58MPG, my acceleration was so slow and super fast during down hill by letting it rolls.
I think any small engine car can get the 40MPG rating. The shape does help but it is not the big factor. The biggest factor is the driving technique.

RE: Why so ugly?
By A Stoner on 3/10/09, Rating: 0
RE: Why so ugly?
By jjmcubed on 3/11/2009 6:21:12 AM , Rating: 2
I can get 58 mpg going downhill with my GTI... As the past owner of a Civic hybrid, I can see getting 58 mpg easily.

RE: Why so ugly?
By mmntech on 3/10/2009 2:36:47 PM , Rating: 1
Studies have shown that the regular shaped cars like the Civic Hybrid don't sell as well as the Prius, which has a "hybrid look". Owning a hybrid is a bit of a status symbol among the greeneis so they want people to instantly recognize they're driving one. The new Insight is a little more palatable than the original one. I have noticed though that there seem to be an awful lot of hybrids (especially the Prius) on used car lots recently. People are buying (leasing) them but they aren't hanging onto them. So much for it being a "best value".

RE: Why so ugly?
By VoodooChicken on 3/10/2009 3:02:29 PM , Rating: 1
Maybe people are getting tired of inhaling their own farts all the time.

RE: Why so ugly?
By kondor999 on 3/11/2009 3:13:10 PM , Rating: 2
Look at the Tesla. Indistinguishable from the Lotus Elise from which it's derived. And, despite the problems the company has, there's a big waiting list.

I would LOVE to have my S2000 in a hybrid format - with totally unchanged styling.

I think in this current, early stage of Hybrids that typical first-adopters (enthusiasts) are probably buying them. Me? No way am I gonna get in something that ugly.

Sorry - life is too short. :-)

RE: Why so ugly?
By usbseawolf2000 on 3/10/2009 9:31:43 PM , Rating: 2
Not all hybrids are created equal. Ford's full hybrid is similar to the Toyota HSD while Honda Insight has the cheap-down Assist type with a single very weak electric motor. Full hybrids have two electric motors, around 8x the power of the Assist types.

Fusion hybrid does not get 40+ MPG. It gets the combined 36 MPG while the smaller Insight gets combined 41 MPG. The new larger Prius will get 50 MPG. The Iconic Prius shape that the Insight mimics, maximizes interior while minimizing the aero drag. The rear hatchback opens the the door to the utility of an SUV. You can fit a full size mattress or 56" LCD TV in the Prius. Try that in the Fusion hybrid which is a sedan.

You gotta question why the Sedan trunk is separated from the passenger cabin. Don't they think we want to haul long cargo sometimes? That problem is solved by making the rear seats fold down with the hatchback door open up.

RE: Why so ugly?
By twhittet on 3/10/2009 10:07:51 PM , Rating: 2
Fusion hybrid does not get 40+ MPG. It gets the combined 36 MPG while the smaller Insight gets combined 41 MPG

Um, no. Anandtech has reported on both - the Fusion DOES get 41mpg city, and the smaller Insight is rated 40mpg city. If you're going to compare, use apples to apples, not Fusion's highway versus Insight's combined.

I like sedans, and do most of driving in the city. Based on that - the Fusion sounds worth checking out to me.

RE: Why so ugly?
By usbseawolf2000 on 3/11/2009 12:34:10 AM , Rating: 2
Chill, it was a typo. It should read 38 combined MPG (41 City / 36 Highway) vs. Insight 41 combined MPG (40 City / 43 Highway).

"If you mod me down, I will become more insightful than you can possibly imagine." -- Slashdot
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