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Many locations are reportedly closed already after running out of inventory

The saga of Circuit City trying to save itself from extinction has been rather long and drawn out. The company first tried to sell to Blockbuster, which didn’t work out. The company then said it would close select stores around the country and proceeded to do so.

However, it took little time for the electronics retailer to come back and announce that it was in fact going to be closing all of its locations around the country. The employees were let go and liquidation firms came in to attempt to move the massive inventory left over by the defunct retailer prior to finally closing the doors of all locations.

According to the liquidation firms, the final day for operation of any Circuit City location will be Sunday March 8. Some locations are already shuttered up after running out of inventory to sell. So far, the massive liquidation sale that began in mid-January 2008 has moved $1.7 billion in inventory.

Scott Carpenter from Great American Group said in a statement, "Thanks to record shopper turnout at many of the store locations and the attractive discounts offered on all merchandise, the sales actually went quicker than we expected."

Some locations may be operating throughout the weekend making for the best deals you will find before Circuit City is nothing but a memory.

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RE: Good Riddance
By tastyratz on 3/9/2009 8:52:48 AM , Rating: 2
Nobody actually went there to buy things, they just checked them out in the store before ordering online.

I picked up a few things in the closing sale. Other day I got a logitech force feedback steering wheel for 30 bux. The marked price was 119... and the msrp was 99.95. You could buy the wheel for msrp straight off logitechs site. Who in their right mind stickers things for sale for 20 bux OVER msrp and expects to stay in business???

I guess you could say there is no shocker, and they were really useless as a company. Good riddance is right - I hope something worthwhile takes its place. I would have LOVED to see them sell to FRY's... I would kill to have one of those in my area.

RE: Good Riddance
By Schrag4 on 3/9/2009 9:21:30 AM , Rating: 2
Agreed. And the whole "liquidation sale" was a joke for the most part. There were some good deals but for most items they actually marked them up higher than they were priced before the sale. And I heard that there were no returns and you couldn't open boxes to inspect before you buy. Even on big screen TVs. Who in their right mind would buy something like that under those terms? How did they expect to move everything?

RE: Good Riddance
By gmyx on 3/9/2009 11:07:10 AM , Rating: 2
Many. I remember a few years ago when Eaton's announce they were closing shop. The next morning, people were lining up before opening to get stuff - they had not even started their sale yet! They made a record day of sales that day.

By the time the sales did come by they only had lesser quality stuff left.

RE: Good Riddance
By strikeback03 on 3/9/2009 11:29:25 AM , Rating: 2
A local guy who worked there said the first day of the "liquidation" was like Black Friday, except that they opened at a more sane time. And that was at MSRP-10%.

If I had read this yesterday I might have checked the local one one more time to see if there were actually any good deals.

RE: Good Riddance
By tastyratz on 3/9/2009 11:55:31 AM , Rating: 2
I was actually pretty pissed. I went in yesterday looking for the best deals on the pickins - I was eyeing a 58in plasma that didn't sell as of Friday. I wish I went sat because Sunday sales were fixtures only no product :-( I wish they let people know that beforehand.

RE: Good Riddance
By The0ne on 3/11/2009 8:10:53 PM , Rating: 2
Stores here in San Diego didn't have low prices even after 5 weeks. Reminds me of CompUSA liqiudation, a complete joke. Prices were sky high and they had them tagged as marked downs. Funny as sh*t imo. Only clueless people would buy at these prices.

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