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Music fans and gamers will be delighted to hear that a Rock Band video game featuring The Beatles finally has a release date

Gamers will finally be able to get their hands on a Rock Band video game based around The Beatles, one of the most popular bands of all time.

The new game will have "an unprecedented, experiential progression through and celebration of the music and artistry of The Beatles," it was said in a statement.

The Beatles: Rock Band will be released around the world on September 9.  The game by itself will ship for $59.99, and another $99.99 will snag gamers a guitar, bass, mic and drums so they can jam alongside the Fab Four.  Older Rock Band instrument controllers will still be able to work with the new game.

This is the first time music from The Beatles will be used in a video game, with Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr the remaining two living members of the band.  Both McCartney and Starr, alongside Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, the widows of John Lennon and George Harrison, contributed input into the video game.

"The project is a fun idea which broadens the appeal of The Beatles and their music," McCartney originally said when the game was first announced.  "I like people having the opportunity to get to know the music from the inside out."

The Beatles have been hesitant over the years to allow their music to be sold online or featured in a video game, but the band's officials have finally agreed on money issues with game studios and music producers.  The band has sold more than 600 million albums across the world.  The video game was made possible when Harmonix and Viacom were able to complete a deal with Apple Corps, Ltd. -- rumors of a possible Beatles-based game been swirling for quite some time.

The game will be released for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii video game consoles. 

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By mrdeez on 3/6/2009 7:26:49 PM , Rating: 1
How about a kiss edition?

This is completely lame because most kids nowwadays dont even know who the beatles are and if they do thier relevance is very small. Now what we will have is a bunch of 50 something pony tail having, burkenstock wearing people playing yellow submarine on easy....sad...

RE: Wow
By GlassHouse69 on 3/6/2009 8:13:56 PM , Rating: 2
There are so many other bands that would make more sense that are still RESPECTED....

How about a Led Zeppelin issue if you want retro? There are a TON of early 70's bands that would rock the popularity rosters with even really young kids today.

RE: Wow
By InfantryRocks on 3/8/2009 7:50:21 AM , Rating: 2
Zep has refused to release any of their music for use in RB or GH. EVERYONE wants some Zep, but, unfortunately, the band won't let us play.

RE: Wow
By iamted on 3/7/2009 4:20:33 PM , Rating: 2
if you have no idea where you came from then youll have no idea where your going....

i know there are alot of 55+ yo out there that have finally gotten the hang of wii bowling now they need a gh game to be able enjoy games with their grandkids. i think that most of you who have a problem with this are the elitist types that dont want to share your xbox360 with your parents. let alone give music that you have never once concidered looking at or listening too a chance beyond that initial eww factor, but often in times it is those earlier pioneers that are the once that make the biggest contributions to later artists by being the inspiration to go out and explore.

RE: Wow
By mcturkey on 3/8/2009 12:36:24 PM , Rating: 2
You do realize that most kids don't buy games, right? Their parents do. Interactive games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Wii Sports have shown the world that games aren't just for kids. I've never seen the raw numbers, but I'd be willing to bet that upwards of 50% of people who play Rock Band and Guitar Hero are over 25 and would absolutely love to play Beatles: Rock Band.

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