Killzone 2 out sells Halo Wars

Sony has sold 2 million units of the PlayStation 3 and 3 million units of the PSP in the United Kingdom according to a MCVUK report. MCVUK had the opportunity to talk to UK MD Ray Maguire in an exclusive interview where he discusses Sony’s recent successes in the region.

Killzone 2 was discussed extensively due to the recent success it has enjoyed. Killzone 2 out sold Halo Wars to reach number one on the UK sales charts earlier in the week. The much hyped sequel is the second fastest selling game behind Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. In Maguire’s own words, "Everyone is reporting really good sales of Killzone 2," Maguire said. "We've seen not just a really good day one – but also for the game to be a good solid seller all the way through We’ve got good bundles out there with hardware and software and that has picked up nicely according to our early numbers.”

Maguire mentions how Killzone 2 is a hardware system seller stating, "It certainly has helped drive hardware I think there were a lot of people out there who wanted something which really showed the power of PlayStation 3 – and now they can see it it’s a reason for them to get on board.”

He also discusses his belief that successfully selling 2 million units of the PS3 at a high price point shows the PS3 is a product with longevity. He states, "Obviously PS3 is a premium product with a premium price tag. Interestingly, because it has sold two million at a higher price, it suggests more longevity of the PS3 because we have chipped away at the top end of the triangle."

For the PlayStation Portable, Maguire discusses how he believes there is renewed interest in the PSP due to the newer models of the device that have been recently released. He said, "There was a renewed vigour from consumers once we had the Slim ‘n’ Lite out there as it emphasized the portability of the device.”

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