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Sync drivers were much less likely to swerve out of their lanes than non-Sync drivers

There have been numerous studies that have shown that distracted drivers can be as dangerous on the road as drunk drivers. Some recent studies have shown that texting while driving may actually be just as dangerous as driving intoxicated.

In an effort to reduce the distractions that drivers are confronted with while driving some stated have instituted hands free laws that require drivers to use hands free kits to make calls while driving. Ford has a system called Sync in some of its vehicles that offers all sorts of hands free technologies to make driving safer while still allowing drivers to stay in contact and listen to music from digital devices.

Ford commissioned a new study that has shown significant differences in how distracted drivers are when using its Sync system compared to not using it. For the study, Ford had drivers select a phone number or choose a song on their MP3 players using Sync compared to doing the same thing manually.

Drivers who did the tasks manually had their eyes off the road for about 25 seconds while drivers using Sync had their eyes off the road for approximately two seconds. Participants in the study were asked to dial ten-digit phone numbers, call a specific person form the digital phone book, receive a call while driving, play a specific song, and review and respond to text messages.

The time eyes were off the road was measured by the researchers for drivers using both methods. Ford says that drivers performing these tasks manually swerved out of their lane 30 percent of the time while Sync users never swerved out of their lane. Ford has also announced a new 911 Assist feature for Sync that can dial 911 post-crash automatically.

Dr. Louis Tijerina from Ford said in a statement, "These real-world results indicate that SYNC's voice-interface offers substantial advantages compared to using a handheld device to do the same task."

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RE: In other news...
By Steve1981 on 2/8/2009 8:23:28 AM , Rating: 2
The fact that you think the government has the right to take away other people's liberties and livelihood to try to (quite delusionally) reduce your risk to zero is draconian.

The game is cost versus benefit.

Lets take the case of guns. Yeah accidents happen. Yeah people abuse them. But there is no better tool for self defense, and the bitter reality is that when you get down to it "all political power comes from the barrel of a gun". Clearly the cost of some accidents are worth being free men.

Now let us take a look at talking on the cell phone and driving. The benefit is??? You get to chat with your friends 24/7???? Yeah that's a major benefit to society. Whats the cost? Measurably more auto accidents and innocent death resulting from those auto accidents. Yeah clearly your right to yack is worth that. Maybe you should go yell "fire" in a movie theater too. After all, you have the freedom of speech.

The fact is, that if you drive in a reasonable manner, it's absolutely possible to talk on a hands-free system and drive safely.

That's debatable.

Outlawing every little distraction is not going to help and is completely impractical.

Certainly I would agree. However, you can ban the ones that have a significant effect. If banning CD players dropped the number of accidents from 10 million a year in the US to 5 million, I'd support it in a heartbeat, even if it meant a little less comfort.

Education and safe driving classes come closer to solving the problem than paying more fat, uneducated cops to harass tax paying citizens. I would much rather have a smaller, better trained police force than the jokes that we have in most communities now.

In an ideal world, everyone would be well educated and we wouldn't need much of a police force. People would actually be considerate of the safety of others, and not partake in activities that could injure innocent parties. Let me know when that day arrives.

PS: While I'm not a cop, your commentary regarding them is a fine indicator of your level of maturity.

"I mean, if you wanna break down someone's door, why don't you start with AT&T, for God sakes? They make your amazing phone unusable as a phone!" -- Jon Stewart on Apple and the iPhone
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