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MySpace and Facebook have been forced to clean house

MySpace has banned 90,000 sexual predators from its social networking web site, and has turned the names over to two different attorneys general offices, company officials recently announced.

The total number of 90,000 is twice as many as MySpace officials believed it had removed in 2008, with North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal leading the charge.

"Almost 100,000 convicted sex offenders mixing with children on MySpace -- shown by our subpoena -- is absolutely appalling and totally unacceptable," Blumenthal said in a statement issued to the press.  "For every one of them, there may be hundreds of others using false names and ages."

MySpace competitor Facebook, which is the No. 1 social networking web site in the world, have a combined 280 million users -- and the U.S. government wants both sites to do a better job of protecting children and teenagers from sexual predators.

Last year, both companies agreed to work with lawmakers to create security standards to help protect young people from online predators, after parents and politicians said the sites weren't doing enough.

"We've been working productively with Attorney General Blumenthal's office for more than three years on these issues," Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly said in a published statement.  "They recently let us know that they are planning to send an updated subpoena."

Now that MySpace is done kicking 90,000 sexual predators off the internet, Facebook is expected to announce how many people it has removed sometime in the near future.

After the KIDS Act of 2007 was signed into law in 2008, all registered sex offenders must now submit real e-mail and instant messaging account information to the national sex offender registry.  This is done so sites such as MySpace and Facebook are able to better track sexual offenders.

It's unknown how many registered sex offenders use social networking web sites with false identities, so this ultimately is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Required internet filtering
By Screwballl on 2/4/2009 3:12:19 PM , Rating: 2
They need to add another legal requirement for convicted sex offenders: Report this to their ISP (or all ISPs available in that area), who keeps track of their IP address and blocks any social based website or chat room, or has limits set forth by their probation officer or the court.

This is only a limit based on home connections, I would say that if they get a laptop with wireless, there should be site monitoring software installed and working at all times.

Hey if they did the crime, they have to live with the consequences... of course I still believe in an eye for an eye in certain cases (and no I am a Baptist, not Muslim), convicted rapists and child molesters should get castrated. If it happens again they lose a hand. Granted it is barbaric but when we have a society where there are proclaimed groups of "children lovers" and whatever else that the liberals can really care less about, and the ACLU defends... We need to step up and find serious capital punishments that fit the crime. Not only will crime be reduced but also repeat offenders will be next to none. Drug dealers? Have a lung removed. DUI? No license for 5 years. DUI that leads to a death of another? First conviction, loss of a license for 10 years. Second conviction, use them as the crash dummy in a federally monitored DOT or safety dept. vehicle crash test.

The movie Death Race comes to mind as well... let the criminals fight it out on some island (without the capability of corruption that the sexy milf in that movie had).

Of course there needs to be complete confidence with all the required hard evidence to go forward with such punishments, and a major factor in these type of punishments would have to be "purposeful and willful damage or death to another person or property". This includes the lawyers willing to defend a serious criminal, they should have to suffer for defending someone convicted of "purposeful and willful damage or death to another person or property".

"This is about the Internet.  Everything on the Internet is encrypted. This is not a BlackBerry-only issue. If they can't deal with the Internet, they should shut it off." -- RIM co-CEO Michael Lazaridis

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