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MySpace and Facebook have been forced to clean house

MySpace has banned 90,000 sexual predators from its social networking web site, and has turned the names over to two different attorneys general offices, company officials recently announced.

The total number of 90,000 is twice as many as MySpace officials believed it had removed in 2008, with North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal leading the charge.

"Almost 100,000 convicted sex offenders mixing with children on MySpace -- shown by our subpoena -- is absolutely appalling and totally unacceptable," Blumenthal said in a statement issued to the press.  "For every one of them, there may be hundreds of others using false names and ages."

MySpace competitor Facebook, which is the No. 1 social networking web site in the world, have a combined 280 million users -- and the U.S. government wants both sites to do a better job of protecting children and teenagers from sexual predators.

Last year, both companies agreed to work with lawmakers to create security standards to help protect young people from online predators, after parents and politicians said the sites weren't doing enough.

"We've been working productively with Attorney General Blumenthal's office for more than three years on these issues," Facebook chief privacy officer Chris Kelly said in a published statement.  "They recently let us know that they are planning to send an updated subpoena."

Now that MySpace is done kicking 90,000 sexual predators off the internet, Facebook is expected to announce how many people it has removed sometime in the near future.

After the KIDS Act of 2007 was signed into law in 2008, all registered sex offenders must now submit real e-mail and instant messaging account information to the national sex offender registry.  This is done so sites such as MySpace and Facebook are able to better track sexual offenders.

It's unknown how many registered sex offenders use social networking web sites with false identities, so this ultimately is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Social Networking Sites Are Junk Anyways...
By callmeroy on 2/4/2009 8:43:48 AM , Rating: 2
Though I will admit I have setup accounts in the past and played around with creating a page - nothing serious came about it. I'm nearly at awe how big a deal social networking sites are for the non-deviant type over say 18 years old (it doesn't shock me that kiddies love this stuff)..the only other legitimate use I see for the sites is if you are some kind of artist (musician/painter/etc.) and want to have a presence / communication point for your fans/customers. That and if you legitimately have real life friends who are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Other than that -- its odd to me to share so much information with complete strangers and then care (or pretend) to care about them.

No shocker I'm not a social butterfly kind of person so that's probably it....I only tend to care about folks who impact my life on a daily basis or nearly daily basis and those I see face to face not just over an internet connection.

Besides, MySpace performs horribly.

By blueboy09 on 2/4/2009 3:52:26 PM , Rating: 2
I don't even get on soical networks like MySpace and Facebook for these reason, cause you never know who's on the other side. People can lie about their profile to get what they want, and even though its good to see these social networks improve on their security with sex offenders, you can catch ALL of them no matter how hard you try.

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference

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