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Freshly-charged battery thought to be culprit.

A Chinese man has died after an exploding cell phone apparently severed his carotid artery, according to reports from China. The local Chinese paper Shin Min Daily is reporting on the victim, thought to be a computer shop clerk in his twenties.

One of the man's coworkers said both were in the store together, when she heard a loud bang, and turned to find the victim lying in a pool of blood. The man had apparently just finished charging the phone and placed it in his shirt pocket.

The make and model of the phone were not reported. Police are said to be investigating whether the cell phone or the battery were counterfeit.

Motorola and Nokia have in the past denied links to problem batteries in China.

This is said to be the ninth such cell phone explosion in China since 2002, including one last year which killed an iron worker in Gansu province.

There have been several other reports of people killed by cell phone explosions, in nations ranging from Ghana to South Korea.

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RE: It is time...
By riku0116 on 2/3/2009 10:51:12 PM , Rating: 2
Hmm... avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Well, I guess you can't take a walk and talk on the phone outside anymore. If China was more diligent in their pursuance of poor manufacturing standards, they might not be having problems like this over there.

You'd think so, but I've learned from my 3 months stay in Beijing back in 2001, that sunshine is a rare phenomenon in China. With all the smog in the air, you'd have a hard time convincing little kids that "Yes, the sky IS supposed to be blue." I'm exaggerating a bit, but my point is, avoiding exposing your cell phone to sunlight should be perfectly doable ^^

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