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Blogger Long Zheng of Started Something has published a proof-of-concept attack of how to use a script to easily disable the Windows UAC, do to the inherent design flaw that it trusts changes to itself blindly. Microsoft thus far has refused to acknowledge that it needs to fix the problem calling it "by design" and yanking a MSDN blog on the UAC changes.  (Source: Started Something)
Microsoft insists big Windows 7 security hole will not be fixed, is "by design"

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By lifeblood on 2/2/2009 2:23:35 PM , Rating: 2
It was blasted by non-technical users who never read the trade rags. I had a few customers who insisted on upgrading to Vista on their old PC's (with additional RAM). They were all back on XP within a month. I had other customers buy new hardware with Vista pre-installed and they all requested to be downgraded to XP within a month. However, part of that was because they got Office 07 with it's new ribbon bar at the same time. That was a double whammy. I think a lot of users hate for Vista was exacerbated by Office 07.

I use Vista and Office 07 and I'm ok with Vista but despise Office 07. I look forward to Win7, but I see no relief from the Ribbon bar.

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