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$1499 CAD for the $2300 USD 30" display

Dell Canada has announced another 12-days of deals, which Dell has now become famous for. Among the deals available is yet again the 3007WFP, Dell's mammoth 30" LCD. The deal requires a coupon code, which is available here and time is limited. The 3007WFP is going for $1499 CAD, and available to Canadians only. Start making those Canuck friends again!

I bought a 3007WFP the last time Dell had this sale (for slightly more money), and I can vouch for the display's performance. Maybe now I can go dual 3007WFP!

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Price in total for that monitor.
By wuZheng on 3/24/2006 12:08:27 AM , Rating: 2
I live in Canada, and generally the sales tax is 15%, some provinces don't apply the PST, but most do, that being said the monitor would cost:

$1,723.85 Canadian Dollars
$1,477.35 US Dollars

So, thats quite the hefty amount in savings if you have a friend in Canada. lol, and for comparison, the price for the monitor south of the border (before taxes) is $2,199.00. xD laff.

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