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Facebook now has about twice as many users as MySpace

Social networking is big business in the internet economy. Two of the largest players in the U.S. and global social networking world are MySpace and Facebook. Facebook was once the new kid on the block up against the established MySpace, but that had now drastically changed.

According to the most recent data from ComScore, Facebook is now quickly outpacing MySpace in the number of users. Adage reports that in June of 2008 the two social networking sites were the same size in terms of unique users.

Since June of last year, Facebook has started pulling swiftly away from MySpace in terms of users with Facebook posting growth of 10 percent per month as MySpace stays the same in terms of traffic.

Facebook now claims 200 million unique users to MySpace's 100 million according to Adage. The glut of the growth Facebook has experienced comes from countries other than America. MySpace is quick to point out that while Facebook has outpaced it in unique visitors, it still sells more ads.

MySpace issued a statement saying, "We are laser focused on building a sustainable global business which we measure by profits and revenue -- not just eyeballs. In a tough economic climate, our international revenue is up 30% year over year and we continue to focus on those markets with the strong monetization opportunities. Additionally, MySpace continues to dominate the U.S. market -- where the bulk of online advertising revenues reside -- both in terms of monetization and user engagement with more than 76 million unique users and a 40% spike in engagement year over year."

Adage also notes that if you take the latest ComScore data showing about a billion global Internet users, the 200 million users of Facebook equates to about one in every five Internet users visiting the site. Last year Facebook was looking for a new home after growing so much its facility was too small.

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RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By othercents on 1/27/2009 2:34:01 PM , Rating: 4
if I want to keep in contact with my friends i'll do the old fashioned thing and get off my backside and go see them in the flesh

I have friends all over the world and it is difficult to communicate to go see everyone as quickly as I communicate through Facebook. My friends want to know what is going on and I want to know what is going on with them. Much easier to post in one location then to visit or 100 people in a month just to tell them I got engaged.

The nicest thing about Facebook is that I have been able to rekindle friendships with people who I hadn't seen since High School or College.


RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By Xerio on 1/27/2009 2:55:31 PM , Rating: 2
I am with you on that one. I have recently come in contact with friends from my high school years. I would not have known how to contact them otherwise.

I also agree to some extent those that say it is pointless. Although I disagree with that extreme, I do agree that many people spend way too much time on these social networking sites and are losing the face-to-face social skills.

RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By HaB1971 on 1/27/09, Rating: -1
RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By othercents on 1/27/2009 7:11:06 PM , Rating: 4
I don't consider virtual friends as friends, until I meet them, can look them in the eye and know their true intentions then they are a total stranger. Again you probably have a different view and you are welcome to it.

That's funny... No I don't make friends on Facebook and I rarely use the chat interface. Everyone that is my friend I knew before I added them to Facebook. A good majority live in Houston where I grew up, but I now live in Denver. However I have friends from college almost everywhere including one in England. Plus I have family in Japan and Turkey.

It is nice to have one place put information, but I usually talk to family over the phone. My other friends or extended family only need a simple three line message post on my page and if they are totally interested in knowing more then they will ask. I'm very articulate in emails, but I don't expect everyone to be. I also don't expect everyone to have friends like I have.

While I usually travel every month I haven't made it to Japan in a while and I will be making another trip to Turkey shortly. However more has happened in my life since then and if I really needed to travel more I don't know how I could afford the $1000+ airline tickets every month to visit Japan, Turkey, and England. Facebook works for me where I need it to along with many other forms of communication that I use.

In short Facebook isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean that it is worthless for everyone.


RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By HaB1971 on 1/28/2009 10:21:54 AM , Rating: 3
I see that it is mob rule with the rate downs just for replying, democracy in action at its finest.
No insults were intentionally implied and my own personal opinion was offered.
While I fully understand that trolls need to be herded away and down right idiotic posts should be rated down. Swimming against the current of popular opinion is never a fun thing.

If you like, love and use social networking then hoorah for you, that’s your purview as I have plainly said.
I'm speaking up for those like myself regardless of the minority that don't like them and see no value in them.
I believe some would see that as the other side of the coin.

Then why am I posting in a thread about something I care not a jot about?
Because I can offer my opinion and maybe start/join an anti-social networking group that no one can join. Oh wait, never mind that will be

But rate down because you feel like it.

RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By geddarkstorm on 1/28/2009 2:18:21 PM , Rating: 3
I don't mean any offense or anything by this, but I do kinda find it ironic for someone who does not consider people they meet on-line as friends, or social networks as worthwhile (though I don't use them either), to be spending their time posting opinions and getting flustered on the internet.

RE: Facebook vs MySpace
By HaB1971 on 1/29/2009 1:10:30 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not at all 'flustered on the internet' nor do I take offence from your reply.

There is a certain amount of irony here. It is akin to complaining about people who complain. I do come to this website daily and I do read the articles and the comments of others and rarely do I ever post or reply. I would think that no one here wants to be my 'Friend' anyway.

This is different enough for me, no matter how small a difference, that I do not cast this in the same light as Facebook.

I am quite sure it could be argued otherwise.

Thank you.

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