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Executives involved in the case get fines and prison terms of up to nine months

The LCD industry was rocked by a scandal in late 2008 when executives from some of the largest panel makers in the world pled guilty to conspiring to fix prices. The price fixing led to inflated costs for displays used by firms like Dell in its notebook computers.

In November of 2008, executives from Sharp, LG, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes all pled guilty to price fixing. The largest fine imposed was placed on LG and totaled $400 million with Sharp said to be paying $85 million in fines.

Today reports are coming in that in addition to the fines levied against the corporations; the executives that participated in the scheme are being individually fined and sentenced to prison time here in America.

DigitalTrends reports that the former Chairman and CEO of Chunghwa, Chieng-Hon Lin was hit with an individual fine of $50,000 and a sentence of 9-months in an American prison. The other executives involved in the scandal received prison terms ranging from six to nine months each.

Deborah A. Garza, Acting Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, said in a statement, "These cases involve the first Taiwanese nationals to face imprisonment in the United States for an antitrust offense. The Department of Justice is committed to holding accountable all conspirators who harm American consumers, no matter where they live or where they commit the crime."

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RE: fg
By NeoConned08 on 1/20/2009 8:57:44 PM , Rating: 2
Also, drug users, when addicted, tend to move up the ladder to worse drugs. This leads to theft, burglary, murder, etc - anything to get money to pay for their fix.

That is because the prices for drugs are artificially high due to the black market that the drug war creates. How prevalent are robberies occuring to get beer money in comparison to drugs that are illegal? Why aren't we putting alcoholics in prison? Because it is immoral and wrong. Drug addiction, whether it be crack or alcohol, is a health issue, NOT a crime.

Keep advocating stuffing our prisons full of mostly non-violent drug offenders but be sure to also pat yourself on the back every time you hear of a child molestor that was released on *good behavior* who goes out and does it again. While you're at it, the next time we have a terrorist attack, throw yourself a party, because chances are, they got their funding from illegal drug sales. Oh, and don't forget how the Drug War bankrolls organized crime and plays a major role in the corruption of our law enforcement.

Did we learn nothing from Prohibition????

And, as an aside, I'd rather see Bush in jail than pay him $191,300/year plus travel pay for the rest of his life.

Thats funny - because I say the same thing about Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc. But thats all personal preference.

I say put the whole batch of these criminals in prison or hang them for treason/warcrimes/and a whole host of other criminal activity they have all been involved in.

If there was a crime, he'd have been prosecuted long ago.

Only if the duopoly that makes up the Republocrat party weren't looking out for themselves while they piss and laugh on the rest of us.

Seems like someone has been dipping into the statist kool-aid a bit too long.

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