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The Chinese government has widened its crackdown on vulgar content found on the Internet

Shortly after confirming it launched a campaign to purge the internet of pornography and other lewd content, the Chinese government has banned at least 41 additional web sites for various reasons.

The online porn crackdown began more than one week ago, started by the State Council's Information Office and Public Security and Culture ministries, along with several other government agencies.  Nineteen Chinese web sites have been blacklisted, with, Baidu and Microsoft MSN also on the list of temporarily banned web sites.

Pornography distribution is illegal in China, but the easy availability of internet has made it difficult for the government to limit access to adult content.

Google was also chastised by the Chinese government for not being proactive enough to block pornographic content in mainland China.  While Google and Baidu offer links to lewd content, MSN was accused of linking to inappropriate images on its film channel and pictures that can be found in other parts of the web site.

The government has already shut down around 100 web sites since the campaign's launch, and it's unknown how many more sites the government is expected to shut down during the oncoming weeks.  

Amnesty International and similar groups have criticized the Chinese government over its strong censorship practices, saying the internet crackdown is taking place ahead of several politically sensitive activities.

Despite the crackdown and censorship of the Internet, Chinese citizens continue to flock to the internet, as the country now has more than 300 million people using the internet.

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RE: So What?
By Seemonkeyscanfly on 1/15/2009 7:12:24 PM , Rating: 2
You have some very good points and may have not read my other post that followed before you wrote this reply.

I’m not disagreeing with what he is saying – using making pot illegal if society wants it legal or thinks it’s acceptable – if society is fine with it, then I will be fine with it. My main point is the major is not always right. If you let the major lead by the way it was stated above, well you are going down a very dangerous and slipper slope. Another example I would use… Say you surf the web and you see thousand of videos on gang rape. You know several people that have be involved in gang rape (victims and rapist), and say both sides loved it, said it was the best time they ever had. You start hearing more and more people talk about it, like its common practice (becoming like give a friend a kiss when you meet and leave). So, it seems the major of people are doing it. So, should society make it legal and tolerate this behavior because most of the people are doing it? In my book I say no. You need to bring good reason why a law should be change, removed or even made. Example Denithor, stated how tons of money would be saved from lower prison expenses and taxes could be earned off the sale of pot. These are good reasons to consider changing the law…. Not well 55% of the people smoke pot so let’s just make it legal.

Nice how you brought in Pope Urban the 2nd. ? There were several reasons for the crusades, 1) to protect the holy land – yes 2) was to stop the spread of Muslims from coming into Europe and taking over… and there are more I’m sure. However, Pope Urban the 2nd became Pope because his family paid enough money for him to be pope. He was not a very good Christian, if really a Christian at all. These were ugly days for the Christian church – This type of leadership is what led to some many divisions of the church.

"I f***ing cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it." -- Bungie Technical Lead Chris Butcher
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